Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Voice 5: Top 5

To be honest, I wasn't particularly ecstatic with the song choices this week - especially since we're now down to just five - but then again, a couple of people pulled of their otherwise tired song choices. At this point, with a race as tight as Christina's face, anyone could go home tomorrow and yes, I'm not sure who to root for after tonight. It could seriously be anybody's game at this point.

Here we go!

05. Cole Vosbury
Yes, this was, yet again, another decent vocal performance from Cole, but if I'm being honest, Shameless was a bit too simple of a song for him and tad boring. He sang it exactly as it should have been sung and it was pleasant, but it just didn't give him enough opportunity to have a good vocal moment - the song itself just doesn't lend its melody for that. Nice, but nothing remarkable. 6

04. Will Champlin
Carry On
I give him and Adam props for being creative with the arrangement as it allowed him to build up his vocals and showcase a good sense of vocal dynamics, but something just didn't sit right with the performance. No, it wasn't bad by any means, but there were a couple of spots wherein Will hit a few flat notes and it felt like he was trying to force his upper register on places that he didn't need to. He had some lovely moments though, especially at the beginning. 6.5

03. James Wolpert
With or Without You
While his version of this U2 hit was fairly competent and his tone sounded gorgeous on this song, James just didn't bring anything to it that would make this a notch higher than your usual karaoke version. He still sounded effortless with an incredible range and good vocal control, but I was still waiting for him to go back to A Case Of You type of songs. 6.5

02. Jacquie Lee
This Sarah McLachlan song was beautiful in it's simplicity and the way Jacquie took that away and made the melody towards the end practically absent was a letdown. Why does she have to shout at every single song? Angel needs to be caressed with tender vocals, great nuance and vulnerability, and not something you'd smack in the head with relentless strong vocals. If she had just kept the song soft and intimate, just like how she tackled the first half of the song, this would've been magical, but, alas, it didn't happen. 7.5

01. Tessanne Chin
Bridge Over Troubled Water
On paper, this would've been awful and boring, but Tessanne miraculously pulled this performance really well. There was an exceptional clarity to her delivery that was gorgeous, I liked that she didn't add a lot of runs especially during the verses, and this actually provided a vehicle for her to demonstrate that, yes, she have a strong voice capable of reaching some impressive belt notes without being screechy. This was lovely. 8.5

James Wolpert
Cole Vosbury


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