Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Voice 7: Blind Auditions Part 5

Whoa! I didn't expect to get annoyingly bored with today's episode. What happened? Most of them were mediocre singers and there's only a few who stood out during this whole Blind Auditions of Season 7. In general, I seriously think the talent this season is the most underwhelming of this series. Should we be worried? Or too early to tell?

On with the show!

Matt McAndrew
A Thousand Years
His voice isn't particularly memorable and he did hit a couple of wobbly notes, but he managed to put some dynamics to his delivery and his tone is pretty. Again, I'm not sure how he'd fare compared to Adam's other contestants, but we'll see. 7

Britanny Butler
The Girl From Ipanema
Interesting song choice. There's a swag to her that I enjoyed and her voice was strong without being too overbearing and soulful. I don't get too see much of a jazz singer on The Voice and she's definitely refreshing. Good one. 7.5

Ryan Sill
Eh. Nothing new. The Voice had maybe fifteen of him over the course of seven seasons, but stronger. He's just a complete fodder to me. Unless, Gwen proves me otherwise. 6

Fernanda Bosch
I Try
Was it just me or she did sound flat for the most part? I did like her tone, but there was something off about her rendition of the song. Plus, she had no connection whatsoever with the song. Yikes. 5

Beth Spangler
Best Thing I Never Had
Lots of vibrato in her voice, but she's probably one of the few good belters this season. Her runs were more precise than I expected, which is good. Another one to watch. 7.5

It's A Beautiful Day
Wonky notes. Uneven pitch. Weird affectations. Not my cup of tea. 5.5

Myra Alvarez
Human Nature
This was a bit shaky. She did way too many runs when she's not really good at it and it seemed to me like she has a very limited vocals. Her audition wasn't awful, but I didn't think she deserves a spot to be honest. 5

Justin Johnes
Let Her Go
Too much cheese! He's like a boyband without the band. Haha. Next! 6.5


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