Monday, October 20, 2014

X Factor UK 11: Top 14

I had reservations with the theme - I figured that it would make for a very predictable night - but the song choices were mostly interesting and there were some serious rearrangements this week. The usual suspects delivered fantastic performances, while some faltered. How did everyone fare?

On with the show!

14. Stevi Ritchie
Never Gonna Give You Up
He didn't bad, but I just can't take his performances seriously.

13. Stephanie Nala
Call Me
Boring. And yes, it's worse than being terrible.

12. Stereo Kicks
The Boys Of Summer
Unnecessary mess. 

11. Chloe Jasmine
Wrong song. Bad arrangement. Terrible vocals. 

10. Jack Walton
Straight Up
Strange phrasing and there's a shrillness in his vocals that didn't sit with me well.

09. Only The Young
Come On Eileen

08. Jack Quickenden
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Solid vocals, but there's something missing.

07. Andrea Faustini
One Moment In Time
His voice sounded good, but the song choice, arrangement and jacket didn't work for me. 

06. Fleur East
It's A Shame (My Sister)
Swag. The rapping part was interesting and I liked that she offers something different to the competition. 

05. Paul Akister
If You Don't Know Me By Now
Strong vocals. 

04. Lola Saunders
There's both subtlety and power to her delivery that's pretty riveting. 

03. Jay James
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Brilliant arrangement. Good vocals. Weird start. 

02. Ben Haenow
Jealous Guy
The texture in his vocals gave this performance some dimensions that elevated the song to something exceptional. Plus, the passion was palpable.

01. Lauren Platt
Flashdance.. What A Feeling
She hit a wobbly note, but everything else was just beautiful. 


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