Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Voice 9: Blind Auditions Part 4

Hmm. Not sure what's up with The Voice this season, but I'm getting completely underwhelmed. Yes, there were a couple of good artists here and there, but that's about it. Nothing screams viable popstar in the making. I don't know. I'm hoping it's the just the first round. Maybe the gimmick of the swiveling chair is now wearing of no?

On with the show!

Darius Scott
You Make Me Wanna
He has a pretty tone with a surprisingly controlled vibrato. His verses sounded a bit tentative though. He could've supported that a little more as things actually came alive when he hit the bridge and it was really good. 7

Korin Bukowski
Cecilia and the Satellite
I admit, I'm not familiar with the song, but she sold that song really well. The clarity to her voice was good, her pitch was consistent, and the quirkiness added personality to te performance. 7

Krista Hughes
Angel from Montgomery
The understated and subtle quality to her delivery of the song was lovely and her vocal quality was pretty sublime. I wonder though if she's versatile enough for The Voice. 7

Chance Pena
I See Fire
Unique tone, interesting phrasing, annoyingly fast vibrato. Not sure how to assess Chance because he's clearly charismatic, but his voice needed work for the most part. 6

Viktor Kiraly
What's Going On
Other than the fact that he's a distrubingly beautiful man, Viktor showed a gorgeously rich and soulful voice. He did enough with the melody for it not to sound karaoke, his charm worked with the performance, and he never missed one single note. Could he be a potential dark horse? Maybe. Let's see if he has other things under his sleeves. 7.5

Cole Criske
Dreaming With A Broken Heart
While he didn't have that emotional heft in his performance, his voice alone carried the tune really well. There's a somber emotion in his vocals that somehow didn't carry to his facial expressions. That's something he can work on though. 7

Alex Kandel
She did sound like the original, which is okay, but there's nothing about this that's oddly compelling. Yes, her voice sounded awesome especially with the song choice, but that's about it. 6.5

Celeste Betton
Love You I Do
Was she bored? She managed to hit all the right notes, but where was the fire and intensity that's usually part of the delivery of this song? 6

Andi & Alex
Thank You
Fantastic harmonies. Wow. This was possibly one of the best - if not the best - blind auditions of a duo on The Voice US series. Really. Their voices sounded divine together and the choices made were pretty masterful. 8


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