Friday, January 1, 2010

American Idol 7 Wrap-Up: 10 Worst Performances

Yes, after 6 months, 41 episodes, 156 live performances and 13 elimination rounds. David Cook is the New American Idol. And after a long but delightful season – a season where aspirants were allowed to play guitars, pianos, harmonicas and yes, ukuleles for the very first time; a season where the performances were judged before they happened; a season where the truly talented people got booted out early than expected; a season where a stage dad was banned in his son’s rehearsals; a season where the chosen ones didn’t do so well; a season where one stopped and restart a performance; a season of forgotten lyrics; a season of iTunes; a season of arms swaying; a season of dreadful biases from the judges – our collective journey ends tonight. Arguably. one of the best seasons in American Idol.

However, even the strongest batch had their own share of bad performances [like any other season]. Though, I'd argue that on most American Idol years, the poor performances are given by the same people, over and over again, until they are eliminated. This season, in that regard, was a little different. For whatever reason, many of the top 10 finalists on American Idol 7 were severely hit and miss. Take Brooke White, David Archuleta and Jason Castro. Their best performances were awe-inspiring, their worst were dreadful. We had some consistent performers (David Cook...uh, I guess that's it), but this will probably go down as the season of the inconsistent.

So, I compiled the 10 Worst Performances of this Season [based from my own opinion – of course – and probably the judges themselves].

10. The Show Must Go On
Carly Smithson

For an inspirational theme: she looked angry, the song was angry and the make up was angry. Her Irish death stare on the camera didn’t help as well.

09. All By Myself
Asia’h Epperson

Her performance in this pretty big song was just horrible as she totally missed a note. She butchered it!

08. Carry On My Wayward Son
Amanda Overmyer

Total train wreck. She looked overdone with that scary hairdo and her performance was as hideous as her look.

07. We Can Work It Out
David Archuleta

Forgetting the lyrics twice on that new big stage during the Top 12 night cost him his front-runner status. This also proved that he is incapable of singing up-tempo songs.

06. You Must Love Me
Brooke White

Where do we go from here, this isn’t where we.. I’m sorry, can we?

05. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Garrett Haley

He sounded like a girl trapped in a guy's body. Maybe Ellen Degeneres or Helen Hunt!

04. I Shot The Sheriff
Jason Castro

This guy looked stoned! What was he thinking? “Bob Marley!”, according to him. It was just a mess.

03. Long Train Running
Jason Yeager

Awkward, dorky and cheesy – three words to best describe him. It was painful to watch! Absolutely the most ridiculous ending in music history!!!

02. Eight Days A Week
Kristy Lee Cook

It was not the worst vocal performance this season but it was undeniably the worst mutilation of a classic song I’ve ever seen/heard. To turn a classic Beatles pop song into hillbilly country ditty is an abomination.

01. Where The Boys Are
Amy Davis

Remember her? That’s my point!


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