Friday, January 1, 2010

American Idol 8 Wrap-Up: 10 Worst Performances

Just like last year, no matter how strong this year was for American Idol [eventually], season 8 had their own fair share of bad performances. Good thing though that the Final 13 were a little consistent than last year's Final 12 in terms of performances. For whatever reason, last year's Top 10 finalists were severely hit and miss – Brooke White, David Archuleta and Jason Castro.

So, I compiled the 10 Worst Performances of this season [based from my own opinion – of course – and probably the judges themselves].

10. Ring Of Fire
Adam Lambert
Seriously. What was he thinking? It was like I was watching Egyptian Idol [haha]. The arrangement was the strangest thing EVER. I am fine with taking liberties with a song, but the arrangement took way too many liberties that it could actually piss off the country folks tuned in to watch the show.

09. Viva La Vida
Matt Giraud
Vocally, it was by far NOT the worst. However, I seriously expected way more from him but he went on to deliver the most disappointing performance from a "favorite". With this performance, he opened the door for Kris Allen – though I did not complain. Haha

08. Saving All My Love For You
Tatiana Del Toro
I love her to pieces but singing the same song that made America not vote for her the first time was just plain ridiculous.

07. And I Am Telling You
Normund Gentle
His inclusion in the Top 36 was a mystery - the judges were on crack! The singing was surprisingly okay but it made the show look like a cheap reality show. Besides, I've heard him sing the song a million times already - more than Tatiana's Saving All My Love For You. Haha

06. You Belong With Me
Stevie Wright
I was rooting for her! What happened?! She was mostly out of tune and the pitch was all over the place. Where is the "At Last" girl? Why sing Taylor Swift? Seriously.

05. The Search Is Over
Scott MacIntyre
Who knew he can play the guitar? Well, just stick with the piano!! The performance was a total trainwreck! Sorry.

04. The Winner Takes It All
Arianna Afsar
WTF? ABBA?! The performance was awful. She seemed to be totally out of sync with the music. Nice voice but that was just plain weird.

03. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Casey Carlson
She looked good but that was the only thing that was good. Terrible song choice. Odd expressions. Thin vocals. Nice attempt but failed.

02. This Love
Jeanine Vailes
Remember her? Probably not. Good thing she got great legs! Haha.

01. Scream On
Danny Gokey
Up until now, I can still hear the wailing he did that night. It sounded like a dying cat crushed by garbage bags in a stinky dumpster. It was undeniably the worst performance this season - or probably EVER. It was murder to my ears! Enough said.


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