Friday, January 1, 2010

American Idol 8 Wrap-Up: 15 Season Highlights

Well, Season 8 was unexpectedly entertaining. I really thought that after some serious tweaking that the producers did this season, everything will turn out to be a disaster. Fortunately or unfortunately, some things worked and some fell terribly flat.

Suffice it to say that this season was definitely a year of WTF moments! Therefore, unlike last year, I decided to come up with this year’s 15 American Idol 8 Highlights.

15. Judges' Entrance
“Whoa, the judges are on the stage… fancy.” Haha. Seriously. The judges just can’t get anymore stuck-up than that! Vain Simon Vain!

14. Top 7 Disco Dance
I liked this one. It was refreshing to see the Idols doing something else aside from singing. It was also their opportunity to “let go” since Scott MacIntyre already got eliminated. Touche!

13. Bikini Girl vs. Kara Dioguardi [round 1]
Bikini Girl sucks! In her audition, she was downright annoying and full of herself. I did find her ridiculously hot and her voice was ok, but the attitude was SO inappropriate. She was disrespectful, condescending, and self centered [haha]. I am not mad, just saying. I actually loved Kara for putting up a fight with her. That kind of spontaneous freshness made the first episode more fun than usual. However, Round 1 went to Bikini Girl – she was sent to Hollywood for crying out loud!!

12. Joanna Pacitti Disqualified
I was not – in anyway – her biggest fan but I absolutely abhor how the show treated her. Come on! The producers should’ve done the background checking during the auditions and not when they’ve told her that she’d finally reached the Top 36! She already got some negative publicity because of her previous recording deal [a la Carly Smithson] and now this? Give her a break.

11. Lady Gaga Performs
Po-Po-Po-Poker Face. You have got to love her.

10. Tatiana Del Toro
D.R.A.M.A. Love her or hate her. I love her! The second she opened her mouth during the Group 1 Performance Night, it felt like I was in the twilight zone. She ended up being one of the best females of that night as so many people just flat out crashed and burned. Annoying? Yes. Can she sing? A big fat YES!

09. Normund Gentle
Just like Tatiana, his inclusion in the Top 36 was a mystery. Having said that, he was not as annoying as Tatiana. He’s actually enteraining. Can he sing? Definitely. Did he join the right reality show? Probably not.

08. Rockin’ Robin
This was probably one of the most underrated performances this season. And don’t get me started with the adorably cute “Caw! Caw!” at the end of her song! That alone sealed the deal for me!

07. Top 5 Performance Night
One rare moment. This week was probably one of the best episodes on Idol History and, I dare say, in the same league as Season 5's "Great American Songbook", Season 3's "Motown Week" and Season 7's "Andrew Lloyd Webber Week". It was overwhelmingly good! Surprise! Surprise!

06. David Cook’s Finale Performance
I thought that this was his BEST performance on that stage! Emotional. Inspirational. Remarkable. To me, he’s the best American Idol Winner! Ha!

05. Top 13
Somehow, I saw this one coming – especially when it was just between Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai, there was NO WAY they’ll eliminate one of them and have Jasmine Murray into the Top 13. But I was still shocked to find out that this season, it’s going to be a Top 13 instead of the usual Top 12. Sweet!

04. Megan’s Exit
Hilarious. I just couldn’t get enough of Megan Joy. Her behavior that night may have turned off most of the viewers but I, for one, loved it. Mockery of the AI system? Maybe but the “Caw! Caw!” is here to stay! Go Rockin’ Raven!

03. Matt Giraud Saved!
Absolutely Good TV. Matt eliminated. Matt sings. Judges deliberates. Idols hope. Audience shouts SAVE! Simon’s an ass. Paula said NO to Simon. Matt Saved! Idols rejoice. Matt cries. Simon warns – Disco week!

02. Underdog beats the Chosen One
Kris Allen pulled off the biggest upset on American Idol history! The underdog beats everyone’s [except America’s] favorite. He won without the help of the producers [TPTB] and without the love from the judges. Apparently, America preferred the guy-next-door over the guyliner! Haha

01. Bikini Girl vs. Kara Dioguardi [round 2]
This, to me, was the highlight of the season. Kara definitely redeemed herself with this fearless “performance” with her rival – Bikini Girl! Shocking. Hilarious. Revelatory. I could not ask for more. It was Kara’s shining moment and Bikini Girl’s downfall! Round 2: Kara won!!


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