Monday, December 14, 2015

X Factor UK 12: Finale

I knew it. The moment Louisa Johnson opened her mouth to audition, I knew she'd be a force to reckon on this show. I admit, I slightly doubted her win last night as Reggie 'N' Bollie shockingly came out strong and fighting, but Louisa had the consistency and momentum on her side. Plus, her overall body of work throughout the season has been incredibly impressive.

As for the entire Season 12? I thought it was interesting. There were NO annoying contestants and other than Reggie 'N' Bollie, I found the elimination order to be just about right. Oh, and Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw - along with the new hosts - were good additions to the show. No, they weren't particularly crazy like Sharon Osborne or Louis Walsh, but I digress.

Until next season!

For the meantime, wait for the Wrap-Up post, which I will post in the next couple of days!


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