Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Voice 10: The Knockouts Part 3

That's more like it! With American Idol out of the picture, this show better be good not only at showcasing their talents DURING the show, but also after that. This was a clear indication that the show has tons of talent, but disappears as soon as the show is over. Tonight, I saw, at the very least, four singers that could be really successful outside the show. Don't screw this up, The Voice!

On with the show!


Brian Nhira
I thought he sounded great with great energy, but I don't see anything special with him. Heck, he's hardly memorable. In a sea of fantastic singers, he'll be lost in the shuffle and he can't do anything about that. 7.5

Nate Butler
Let's Stay Together
Good, but that's about it. Like Brian, he's a fairly generic singer and I don't get excited with anything he does. Really. Is that all he can offer because I can get that from somewhere else. 7

WINNER: Brian Nhira



Mary Sarah
You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
I may not be a big country fan, but I thought Mary sounded great. There's something inherently old school about her tone and her delivery, but that will make her stand out in the competition and given that she's under Blake's guidance, she can certainly be unstoppable. 8

Brittany Kennell
You're Still The One
WRONG SONG! Why Blake? She's been flawless the entire season until Blake gave her this dud of a song. Ugh. Brittany sounded awful with You're Still The One and things just fell flat. Sigh. 5 

WINNER: Mary Sarah



Bryan Bautista
SUPERB! On paper, this seemed more like a total trainwreck, but Bryan worked it out and it was brilliant. I thought the liberties he took with the melody were impressive, the energy was infectious, those belted notes and falsetto were spot on and despite maintaining the tempo of the original song, his pitch never wavered. Dark horse! 9

Trey O'Dell
I Lived
Yikes. Did he get intimidated with Bryan's performance? This was awful. His vocals were all over the place, he sounded unsure, and there was just no energy to the performance. 4

WINNER: Bryan Bautista



Abby Celso
Rich Girl
Vocally, this was solid, but I don't think this was the right song for her to showcase her powerful instrument. I don't know. Something was clearly missing. 7.5

Caity Peters
Leave Your Lover
HOLY LOW NOTES! Where did this come from? Not going to lie, I've seen  Caity as a serious cannon fodder, but her take on this Sam Smith song was beyond beautiful. Her low notes sounded outstanding, the way she navigated the song with finesse was impeccable, and her delivery was just sublime. Hands down, one of my favorite performances this season. 9.5

WINNER: Caity Peters



Laith Al-Saadi
In Your Eyes
This was okay. I've heard better versions of this. And yes, that's all I'm going to say. 7.5

Jessica Crosbie
Wake Me Up
She started really well and then lost her way in the middle section. Not sure if she chocked or what, but something happened that somehow pulled her back from her performance. 7

WINNER: Laith Al-Saadi



Joe Maye
Earned It
NO! This was too over-the-top - from the vocals to the theatrics - that I got annoyed easily. STOP. 5

Kata Hay
Why Haven't I Heard From You
Not a fan of Kata, but this was probably her best performance on the show yet. She managed to control her vocals like never before and the attitude was still there. She should work on her diction though, but other than that, this was pretty strong. 8

WINNER: Kata Hay
STEAL: Joe Maye (Team Blake)


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