Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Voice 10: Live Playoffs #TeamPharrell

Disaster. Absolute disaster. Am I going to eat my words after tonight? I've been constantly claiming that the talent this season is incredibly deep that it can actually rival the bench in Season 7 and 8. Let me tell you something: If this is any indication, then I take my word back. Haha. Every performance tonight sounded rough and that's including the people I expected to do really well. What happened?

On with the show!

06. Caity Peters
I'll Be Waiting
Song choice is such a bitch! You see, I expected Caity to sail through to the next round given how stellar her Knockout performance was, but I'll Be Waiting was a terrible choice for her and a real disappointment. The masterful phrasing that I've come to expect from her was gone, she got drowned by the band - which in hindsight was actually a good thing - and there were so many off-key moments that were enough to fill a small sinking boat. Sad. 2

05. Lacy Mandigo
Love Is A Battlefield
This lasted WAY longer than I wanted! I don't know. Lacy can surely carry a tune, but her performance didn't seem authentic, her voice sounded weak especially on a song that demands power and attention, and she looked lost on that stage. 3

04. Emily Keener
Still Crazy After All These Years
Eh. She sounded fine, but I found this boring and plodding. I was excited for it to finish than to actually listen to her monotonous voice. See, I'm even lazy writing something about the performance. 5

03. Moushumi
Love Yourself
On paper, this should've worked, but there's something languid about the arrangement that pulled out of the performance. Yes, her vocals were fine, but I genuinely didn't care much about this performance. Sorry. 5.5

02. Daniel Passino
When I Was Your Man
You know there's something wrong with your team when the "Comeback Artist" performed better than most of your actual chosen people. I admit, I'm still not a fan of his phrasing and there's something incredibly rehearsed with most of his performances - including this one - but on a night full of failed attempts to sing on key, I thought Daniel was technically more precise on hitting his notes than anyone else on Team Pharrell. 6.5

01. Hannah Huston
Ain't No Way
Quite frankly, I found my solace tonight with the idea that Hannah will close the show and that she'll practically kill the competition with her powerhouse vocals. It wasn't the case, unfortunately. True, the her booming gritty voice was still front and center and I actually enjoyed parts of it, but I was a bit perplexed that she was also struggling with her vocals. She was the most dependable vocalist left on Team Pharrell and I found myself scratching my head after this performance. It's was bad, it was just.. underwhelming. 6.5

Hannah Houston
Daniel Passino

Hannah Huston
Daniel Passino
Emily Keener


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