Thursday, July 14, 2011

IDOL Tournament: Round 2 - Crystal Bowersox VS Carly Smithson

Today, it's the battle between two strong female vocalists, Crystal Bowersox and Carly Smithson.

Poll is open for 24 hours only. If anyone's interested in the matchups DAM NATION planned for the coming weeks, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view).

Crystal Bowersox
Runner-Up, Season 9
Age: 24
Audition City: Chicago

Carly Smithson
6th Place, Season 7
Age: 24
Audition City: San Diego



Karouxx said...


Tin said...

Voted for CRYSTAL! I love Carly too, though.

Katheryn said...

Season 7 was such a standout season. Carly Smithson came in 6th place, and she beats the "sox" off (pun intended) the 2nd place finisher of Season 9 in my opinion.

MadAboutPia said...

Tough choice. Love them both (and, personally, I think they both should have won their seasons).

Anonymous said...

Crystal ♥

Anonymous said...

Crystal is better for me. Honestly, I didn't like Crystal in her season.., however.., basing it on these two videos... i think Crystal is somewhat better than Carly... although I'm not sure of that since I did not watch season 7 at all... :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

OH NOOOOOO CRYSTAL ...nooooooo if Crystal is eliminated just like that this tournament really sucks

grey74 said...

Wow I was quite surprised by the results of this poll. Considering Crystal is one of the finest singers that has ever competed on this show. I rarely buy cd's from idol contestants, but I had to have hers, and I must say I play it almost daily. I must admit I had forgotten who Smithson was. By playing the video I realized why. She is rather forgettable and am surprised she got to number 6. Not to say she doesn't have talent, she just seems ordinary.

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