Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol 11: Finale Results Show

For the last time, here's the last results show that I'll cover for this season. That was really fast no? Anyway, I will live blog the results show so keep refreshing the blog for updates! I'm hoping for an interesting Finale show and a favorable results at that.

While you're at it, here's my REVIEW and PREDICTION blog post. 

Results after the jump!

Now, as for some observations and comments on the results show..
  • 132 million votes!
  • They opened with Bruno Mars' Runaway Baby, something Joshua Ledet covered this season. Nice to hear everyone from the top 12 (of course minus Jermaine) again.
  • Joshua Ledet's little choreography failed. Haha.
  • I admit, I love the cheese feet group performances!!
  • FOGERTY. That is all.   
  • John Fogerty is a great duet partner! He isn't showboating like Mary J. Blige did with Elliott Yamin in Season 5 Finale.
  • Nice funny little video package about the judges and how "important" they are to the show. Haha.
  • Mantasia and Fantasia!! 
  • Say what you want, but I just love Fantasia Barrino!  
  • I just want to point out though that Fantasia wearing a tight, sparkly black and red jumpsuit with sheer panels on the sides of the legs and overall looking like a crazy woman is epic! Thank goodness this woman exists in the world.
  • Jimmy Iovine's package is hyterical!
  • The Top 6 Girls!! 
  • Umm, who let Shannon Migrane back? Haha. I'm kidding, of course.  
  • Chaka Khan and her catsuit. What's up with these outfits?
  • If they watched last year's Finale, Phillip and Jessica's guests should not be surprised at getting cars. Gawd!
  • Phillip getting a car even though he was only in like one commercial. Like a boss.
  • Can Jessica even allowed to drive yet?
  • RIHANNA! Where have you been? 
  • Her gasping notwithstanding, I find Rihanna's performance incredibly entertaining. It helps that her song exceedingly catchy. Just saying. 
  • Skylar and Reba! This is fun and awesome! 
  • Wait, why are they asking Jessica to reprise I Will Always Love You? Strange.
  • The Top 6 Guys sining a Neil Diamond medley! 
  • Neil Diamond you can pop out any time.
  • Seriously, does Nigel just find guest performers based off who he listened to at his prom? OLD.
  • I wonder, when they're booking guests for the Finale, if the producers are like, "Yeah, f**in' NEIL DIAMOND, man! He rocks!" 
  • OH MY GOD! They're literally singing the phonebook! That was ridiculously amazing! Possibly one of the best things the show has EVER DONE this season.
  • Ryan Seacrest to Randy Jackson, "Get some new material". Thank you! 
  • Dear Jennifer Lopez, you already performed earlier this season. Please make room for any one who could actually sing live. 
  • I love how Jennifer has to lip sync for songs that aren't even vocally challenging. At all. 
  • I love CHEESE, but that wedding proposal (Ace Young to Diana DeGarmo) is just too much.  
  • Hollie Cavanagh and Jordin Sparks duet is quite stunning.  
  • Boys singing BeeGees medley. Too much Colton Dixon. Sorry. 
  • Jennifer Holiday and Jessica Sanchez singing And I Am Telling You. I died. 
  • My jaw dropped, and then I died, and then I got scared a little, and then I cried. Haha. 
  • Oh, and I just realized. Whenever somebody exits a room without my explicit permission, I will sing that song. Can't. Even.
  • It's Aerosmith. That's all. Haha.
  • Steven Tyler's perfromance is done and yet, I still can't get over the EPICTACULAR duet of Holiday and Sanchez. 
  • Can't even type!
  • Jessica and Phillip are singing together. 
  •  .. and the winner is Phillip Phillips!


Anonymous said...

white guy with guitar #5...this show has gotten so predictable...

Anonymous said...

agree...JLo should make room for people who can sing live! Kelly or Carrie next year maybe?

Jordin is stunning! phonebook thing was funny, F/M-antasia's screech off! haha

Dani said...

I want to see that Aerosmith performance! Gah!

Will said...

I hate how there is an onslaught of sausages on the above picture. And another one will be added.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Holiday and Jessica Sanchez duet IS the Finale... simply mind-blowing.

RKTAmplayo said...

Hey The Dam Nation, can you do us a favor? Can you pick your top 10 performances on American Idol? Just like what you did in The Voice. Thanks!

Anonymous said... there any way to request the finale mp3s like the last two years? Please? (and thank you)

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