Friday, May 18, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 3 Results Show

Wow! That was fast! Seriously. We're down to three finalists and today, we'll find out who will battle it out next week for Season 11 Finale.

As of now, anything is possible! Joshua Ledet could share the same fate as Melinda Doolittle or even Phillip Phillips could be like Danny Gokey - a frontrunner who despite not hitting the Bottom group got eliminated. Somehow, I feel like in a Phillip-Joshua Finale, Phillip would win the show, but if it's Phillip-Jessica, I have a funny feeling Jessica could win it all. But what do I know.

Again, read at your own risk!

RESULTS after the jump!!  

Jessica Sanchez
Phillip Phillip

Joshua Ledet


destinycayin said...

Take that Jimmy and Randy!!! Over pimping can also be very annoying you know.. So happy for Jessica, she deserves to be in the finale even with her off night last night!

American Idol Fan said...

I totally agree... good thing that they didn't succeed like the times of Haley and other cases before her... Sucks for the people who tried so much to get rid of her... She's a fighter and a survivor... Picking the most difficult and a so-so songs for her... I'm taking back my despise to American voters this time... :)))

danni said...

Yesssss go Phillip!

Haley Jessica! said...

Dream Final 2!!!

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