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American Idol: Finale Curses, Superstitions and Whatnot

Back in 2010, I posted a list of Fun History Facts regarding the American Idol and now, why not update the list before the Finale of the curses and superstitions no matter how dumb, purely coincidental and far fetched they are. It's obviously silly, but hey, they're fun to think about so don't take these things seriously. Haha.

List after the jump!!

- The last four (4) winners practically completed Kristy Lee Cook's name, a girl who got voted off 7th of Season 7. David Cook (Season 7), Kris Allen (Season 8), Lee DeWyze (Season 9), and yes, Scotty McCreery (Season 10) to just finish off the missing suffix to the name.

- But is the Kristy Lee Cook curse done and will herald a new "prophet" or will she haunt the show one last time? Haha. I mean, Phillip is a Greek name for "Horse Lover" and as crazy - and dumb - as it sounds, that's Kristy Lee Cook's most prized possession. But, let's not forget that this curse could come full circle this season because Jessica Sanchez got voted off in 7th place (same with KLC), but the judges saved her. Could this be her last revenge? Haha.

- Alphabetically, the initial letter of their first (or in rare cases, second) names have a pattern to who wins the show. Whoever came last in the alphabet won. Take a good look!
(Season 1) Kelly-Justin
(Season 2) Ruben-Clay
(Season 3) Fantasia-Diana
(Season 4) Carrie-Bo
(Season 5) Taylor-Katharine
(Season 6) Jordin-Blake
(Season 7) David Roland-David James
(Season 8) Kris-Adam
(Season 9) Lee-Crystal
(Season 10) Scotty-Lauren

- Ever since instruments were allowed on American Idol in Season 7, the perfect formula to win is White + Male + Guitar. Enough said.

- Whatever gender has the majority in the Top 3, that gender ends up to win the show except for Season 10. So for Season 11, it's Joshua-Jessica-Phillip. Just saying.
(Season 1) Kelly-Justin-Nikki 
(Season 2) Ruben-Clay-Kimberley
(Season 3) Fantasia-Diana-Jasmine
(Season 4) Carrie-Bo-Vonzell
(Season 5) Taylor-Katharine-Elliott
(Season 6) Jordin-Blake-Melinda
(Season 7) Cook-Archuleta-Syesha
(Season 8) Kris-Adam-Danny
(Season 9) Lee-Crystal-Casey
(Season 10) Scotty-Lauren-Haley

- Since Season 5, most winners save for Scotty McCreery have names with three syllables - Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze. Obviously, not applicable this season. Scotty McCreery has 5 syllables though. Go figure! Haha.

- Most of the time, the contestant that was declared safe first during Top 3 night won their seasons. Ruben, Fantasia, Jordin, Kris, Lee and Scotty were all declared safe first. Taylor and Katherine were not even declared safe as they just said Elliott got the lowest vote. Not sure about Kelly, but David Archuleta and Bo Bice were announced safe first during their season. Accuracy? 67%

- Except for Kelly Clarkson who won when she was 20 years old, all winner has been an odd number in years. Ruben - 25, Fantasia - 19, Carrie - 21, Taylor - 29, Jordin - 17, Cook - 25, Kris - 23, Lee - 23 and Scotty - 17. Phillip is now 21 and Jessica is 16. Very interesting no?

- Jordin Sparks was the last female winner with an initials of JS. Haha. Silly I know, but I wonder if there's The JS Prophecy. Haha.

- Most winners have double letters on their name. So, if it's Phillip Phillips versus Jessica Sanchez, who will win? Again, observe!
(Season 1) Kelly Clarkson - Justin Guarini
(Season 2) Ruben Studdard - Clay Aiken
(Season 3) Fantasia Barrino - Diana DeGarmo
(Season 4) Carrie Underwood - Bo Bice
(Season 5) Taylor Hicks - Katharine McPhee (except this!)
(Season 6) Jordin [Brianna] Sparks - Blake [Colin] Lewis
(Season 7) David Cook - David Archuleta
(Season 8) Kris Allen - Adam Lambert
(Season 9) Lee DeWyze - Crystal Bowersox
(Season 10) Scotty McCreery - Lauren Alaina

- Lastly, did you know that there's someone named Jessica Phillips who went all the way to Las Vegas Round until she got cut? Well, her name predicted the Finale. Could this mean a win for Jessica Sanchez? Oh, and Jessica Phillips auditioned in Portland, Oregon. And here's how things could come full circle - Kristy Lee Cook's homestate is Oregon! HAHA.


Again, these things are obviously silly, but who cares? It's not as if this will completely determine the results this week. It's for fun, so don't shoot me.

Anyway, the odds really are in Phillip Phillips favor with all these superstitions and curses, but since Jessica Sanchez has so far beaten the odds concerning the save, there's still hope. But if Phillip wins Season 11, the good news for Jessica is that this is the year when the winner is supposed to be outsold by the runner up or any another finalist -  Season 2 (Clay Aiken outselling Ruben Studdard), Season 5 (Chris Daughtry outselling Taylor Hicks), Season 8 (Adam Lambert outselling Kris Allen) and Season 11.


Julio Cesar Modesto said...

Crystal Outsold Lee... I hope Jessica wins

Anonymous said...

go phillip phillips,, i am a pinoy, pero mas bet ko si phillip since the beginning.. I hope he really wins this season,, :D

VFTW Pinoy said...

Who else but #WGWG5? :D

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

a breakthrough in a conspiracy!!! X|

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you read MJ's blog or idf, I also saw these superstitions there. Lol.

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