Thursday, January 31, 2013

American Idol 12: San Antonio and Long Beach Auditions

Where was all this talent coming from all of a sudden? Haha. I don't usually latch onto anyone at this stage, but with a deep bench of talented people, I'm seriously overwhelmed at how much I'm loving most of them.

It's pretty obvious though that the show wants a girl winner this year as they seemed to be downplaying the potential spoilers as everyone of the guys they've featured were anti WGWG (White Guys With Guitars). Haha.

Oh, and one more thing. Mariah Carey needs STOP finding ways to relate contestant’s personal story or statements back to herself. Come on! Not. About. You.

On with the show!

Vincent Powell
Rock Me Baby
Eh. Vincent has a fine bluesy raspy vocals, but I just don't see it. Fodder material, if I'm being honest. 6

Savannah Votion
At Last
This blew me away. Other than her scary wardrobe ensemble and overdone song choice, I was thoroughly impressed by her audition. She has a solid powerful voice with nice control, lovely tone and a good grasp of her pitch. Plus, her passion rang through so distinctly. Very nice. 8.5

Cristabel Clack
If I Ain't Got You
I do like her fresh style, but her voice was a little generic for my taste. Was it just me? 6.5

Ann Difani
Not exactly sure if it was the song choice, but I totally zoned out halfway through her audition. Yes, she has a good voice, but I didn't see anything special. Oh, and her movements were a bit distracting. 6

Victoria Acosta
Big Girls Don't Cry
While her rendition of Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry sounded okay, something about it felt flat. Glad the judges made her sing a mariachi song instead and that's where she truly connected  with the material. 6.5

Papa Peachez
Gypsy on the Rise (Original Song)
Oh, and yet another "black woman trapped in a white man's body". Adam Brock from last season, anyone? I admit, he has a pretty decent voice, especially with his lower register, but I just didn't get it. And THAT song. Haha. I can't. 5.5

Sanni M'mairura
Who's Loving You
Strangely, this kid's voice reminded me so much of Justin Bieber - in a good way. Not sure of his tone in general, but I thought his vocal runs were spot on, he looked confident and I saw a lot of charisma. 6.5

Adam Sanders
I'd Rather Go Blind
Wait, did I miss something? The judges gave him a standing ovation for that nonsense? True, he can sing and he has a pretty spectacular vocal range, but he sang the song like he was perpetually on fast forward, his diction was annoyingly weak, and his upper register bordered on shrill. I don't know. 5

Shubha Vedula
Something's Got A Hold On Me
The f*ck was wrong with Randy Jackson making fun of her name? Shubha has a big voice with tons of power and great control, but she somehow came across as a Christina Aguilera copycat with all the runs and whatnot. 7

Matt Farmer
A Change Is Gonna Come
His daughter is adorable! Haha. Matt sort of sounded like a very loud version of Gavin DeGraw, which Keith also mentioned. He went a little off pitch in parts, but he definitely has enough talent to get another shot. A potential American Idol winner? Negative. 6

Jesaiah Baer
Settle Down
WOW. She's definitely my favorite just for singing Kimbra's Settle Down. She has a quirky little style that's charming and I found her jazzy tone to be quiet refreshing. Good job. 8

Micah Johnson
Chicken Fried
Sure, I groaned about his sob story, but with his song choice that caught me off guard, I was definitely impressed. Sweet tone with enough power and dynamics. Possibly one of the best guys they've featured this season. 8

Rachel Hale
People Get Ready
I have a feeling Rachel can surprise people with her talent, but quite frankly, other than the fact that she has a great voice and sounded like Jennifer Nettles, there's something about her bubbly personality that does not sit with me well. I hope I'm wrong, but whatever. 7.5

Briana Oakley
Up To The Mountain
So, she was bullied because she has talent and was on television before? It's like a first wold problem. Haha. Briana has a good soulful voice with nice tone and great vocal control. But with a sudden surge of great female vocalists this season, how can she stand out? 7

Matheus Fernandes
A Change Is Gonna Come
Ugh. Did he just get the last audition spot for this episode? And was being short really his sob story? Seriously? Matheus was a finalist during The Glee Project's first season and just so you know, he was annoying and obnoxious. Here, he sounded decent, but came off like he was trying WAY too hard. He even made a silly height requirement joke that Randy shrugged off. Haha. Sorry. 6


X said...

I haven't gotten around to watching last night's show yet. However, I just found out that Shubha Vedula is from the town about 10 miles away from me. So...I automatically have to root for her =)

Anonymous said...

im so very rooting for that Shubha girl, kinda like this season's Pia Toscano for me :)

And ooh love Rachel and Jesaiah, hate Matheus. And that Matt Farmer is definitely a cutie :)

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