Sunday, March 2, 2014

Movie Review: Her

In an age where most films are adaptations or sequels, it's so refreshing to see a film that's quite original. Sure, the underlying story itself wasn't all that rare, but the way it was depicted was absolute perfection that I left my heart overwhelmed with emotion. Everything here works wonderfully well. It was perfectly shot and edited, masterful direction, excellent background score, and well written characters. The acting was also pretty stellar. Joaquin Phoenix, in particular, was alone most of the time, but managed to deliver a fragile and delicate character with an extremely natural charisma. He carried most of the film with ease. I admit, the ending may leave a bad aftertaste and the film dragged in parts, but I digress. Her wasn't exactly an easy story to convey with all the complexity, but they somehow did. I solidly bought into the premise, and stayed with it all the way. 8.5


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