Sunday, March 2, 2014

Movie Review: Non-Stop

Non-Stop was a straight up action thriller film. No more. No less. This one even had that typical action film set-up complete with a plot that was slightly preposterous, but what worked for the film was the fact that it still managed to build some great action sequences despite the straightforward plot - something that's not exactly a bad thing. I thought the action scenes were brilliantly crafted and flawlessly executed without going overboard and some of the fight choreography were actually pretty good. Liam Neeson was, yet again, terrific but this time as an air marshal. There's an urgency to his performance that never lets up. Taken as a whole, Non-Stop wasn't perfect - the villain had no character whatsoever - but it's the best I could have hoped for. It was solid and punchy at every second. 7


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