Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Voice 6: Blind Auditions Part 4

As underwhelming as yesterday's episode, this one was actually pretty good. A couple of them were strong vocalists with powerful pipes and two guys who were fantastic as well. Of course, the coaches were still entertaining, but it was nice to see a good balance of that and compelling hopefuls.

On with the show!

Megan Ruger
Just Like A Pill
Her verses were a bit weak and there's a nasal quality to her tone that's a bit odd, but when she hit the chorus, her voice soared. She also had enough swagger to pull of a Pink song, which was quite impressive. I'm interested to see how Blake will handle her though. 7

Morgan Wallen
The grit in his voice sounded incredibly appealing and his pitch was actually better than I expected. Sure, his stage presence was almost non-existent, but that's something he can work on moving forward. As it is, his voice is stupendous. 8

Emily B
Wicked Game
There's a clarity to her delivery, diction and tone that's very compelling. Her transitions were pretty good, there's a lot of dynamics in her version of Wicked Game, and her range is impressive. There's not much star quality, but I digress. 8

Stevie Jo
There Goes My Baby
Solid vocals. I seriously didn't expect much from him, but once he opened his mouth, he blew me away. The way he navigated that song transitioning to falsetto was terrific, he has a beautiful soulful tone, and his pitch was sublime. Amazing. 8

Audra McLaughlin
Angel From Montgomery
What's up with the contestants this episode? All of them were pretty good. Audra's voice had a raw and pure quality to it, but can also wail her heart out. This was a sublime song choice that gave her an avenue to showcase her full ability as a vocalist. I'm pretty sure Blake will take good care of this one. 8


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