Sunday, March 23, 2014

Movie Review: Need For Speed

Here's the thing: Need For Speed captured the core essence of what it sets out to do - an entertaining holdover for vehicle-based action fans. There were a couple of interesting set pieces that kept the story moving, the action sequences were executed pretty well and the editing was quite snappy. Also, the characters, though stereotypical, were captivating to some extent. But the film was far from perfect. I thought the plot was completely ridiculous and strangely underwhelming, the pacing was shockingly slow, and the writing was too straightforward to a fault. So yes, the film was a mixed bag. It has its flaws, but where it counts, it came across pretty well. Ultimately, if you enjoy fast cars and whatnot, then Need For Speed is for you. If not, then there's really nothing to miss here. 6


Thomas Watson said...

It is far from being a great car chase film, such as The Cannonball Run or the Michael Caine original of The Italian Job.

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