Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Voice 6: Blind Auditions Part 5

Countdown to the Team Adam slaughter next week! Haha. Tonight wasn't too bad of an episode compared to last week. In fact, quite a few singers tonight stood out.  Finally!

Oh, and poor Shakira! She just couldn't get a break no? It's not good when you have to get an endoresement from the other two coaches and then they still don't pick you. She's like the female Cee Lo Green who just couldn't win against another coach. I lover her though.

Let's get on with the show!

Kat Perkins
Gold Dust Woman
Not exactly a fan of her song choice and maybe with another song I'd connect a little more, she'd make a better impact, but she has a very solid pipes with an interesting tone and good range. Let's see how far she could go especially in strong team. 7

Paula DeAnda
The Way
Wow. So, how professional is professional on The Voice? Paula DeAnda had a string of hits a couple of years ago with Walk Away (Remember Me), When It Was Me, and Doing Too Much, and it makes me wonder if she's too professional to join the show. Then again, it's about giving second chances and if they did it with Cassadee Pope, why not her? Unfortunately, her blind audition was a little too uneven for my liking. Her head voice was good, but her transitions were a bit wobbly. That said, she's marketable and has a name attached to some of her hit songs, so I'm curious as to how Blake will coach her. 6.5

Jake Barker
When I Was Your Man
While the girls will surely swoon for this guy, I was a bit annoyed with the frivolous runs just to show off - they weren't even under control. He has a nice falsetto though, but Usher needs to teach him to reign it in or he's done the moment he steps out for the Battle Rounds. 6

Ria Eaton
Yes, she has an interesting tone and the potential is definitely there, but voice grated a little and there were way too many runs on her version of the song. I don't know. 6.5

Cierra Mickens
She's good. She has a very clear power to her voice, and while she won't be my cup of tea, I can't deny the fact that she's a talented lady and that her take on Gnarls Barkley's Crazy was pretty good - possibly one of the better ones in this episode. 7.5

Alaska & Madi
Barton Hollow
This duo screamed Team Blake the moment I saw on them on screen. Haha. I admit, they sounded pretty fantastic. Their harmonies were spot on, they looked comfortable on stage, and they seemed like a very marketable tandem. I hope Blake keeps them in the country folk lane, because The Civil Wars was a good fit for them. 8

Stand By Me
Her enunciation needed work as she was muddling the words in parts, but there's something about her tone that's very intriguing. There's power to her delivery and her range is undeniable. I'm pretty positive on this one. 7.5

Josh Kaufman
One More Try
Good voice. Outstanding soulful tone. Tackling the song was a major feat and he passed it with flying colors. I thought there's enough character and soul to his tone that made this quite terrific. He needs to work on his diction, but other than that, he's good to go. 8


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