Sunday, May 31, 2015

Movie Review: San Andreas

Look, if you can't leave your intellectual high standards at the door, expect San Andreas to be another dumbed down to a switch-off-your-brain type of film. It's silly, it's ludicrous, it's over the top, but who goes into a disaster film expecting something meaningful or thought provoking? On a visual standpoint, this was bound to be highly extravagant and as expected, the visual effects were spectacular and seamless - the boat race over the tsunami was totally exhilarating. The plot was annoying but expected, some of the characters choices throughout the film were dumb but again expected, and whoever said Dwayne Johnson can't act.. was right! Ha. But he got the job done, so there's that. San Andreas was faulty - pun intended - but it was a decent piece of entertainment. Somewhat engaging, somewhat dumb, but it accomplished what it sets out to do: entertain. 6.5


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