Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Voice 8: Top 6 Results Show

Oy. I didn't expect my prediction to be right, but it did and it's terrible. I don't know. The person may not have the best week, but based on overall body of work, she should not have gone home. In fact, the other person in the Bottom 2 didn't deserve it either. It's interesting how she got eliminated the same week Amanda Brown got booted out of the competition in Season 3.

Sight. We've lost the most interesting contestant of this show this season, and I'm sensing another underwhelming end to once touted as the best season of The Voice. At this point, I don't really care who wins. I mean, it's already a given and it's just a fight as to who will he be competing with. Sigh. The predictability of the show ruins it all.

Results after the jump!

Sawyer Fredericks
Megan Linsey
Koryn Hawthrone
Joshua Davis


India Carney
Ironically, India's performance wasn't anywhere near perfect. It was decent at best - her pitch was mostly uneven - but then again, it's a solid effort from her. I noticed that she was really trying hard to control her excessive vibrato and it's a good thing. 6.5

Kimberly Nichole
Seven Nation Army
There's something about the performance that seemed a bit lacking. The swagger was put into a minimum - for reasons I don't know - and there was sadness in her eyes and an aura of defeat. Vocally though, this was really good as usual and she just killed it. 8

Kimberly Nichole


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