Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Voice 8: Top 6

We're almost at the homestretch! It was THAT fast no? Tonight was another interesting episode with a couple of awesome performances littered by misguided song choices. But overall, a strong showing for the remaining contestants.

That said, I don't think there's ever stopping Sawyer from winning the show. Regardless of his performances, he just sell a lot of his iTunes recordings. It's pretty impressive, to be honest. I wonder who he will be up against in two weeks time.

On with the show!

12. Koryn Hawthorne
Dream On
Koryn's problem wasn't Steven Tyler. On The Voice, it's Amanda Brown and this paled awfully in comparison. Her pitch was a mess, the grit was a bit harsh, and something just didn't connect. But my main beef with the performance was that she didn't go for that high note. You see, Dream On thrives on that note, and I don't understand choosing the song and not even attempting it. What's the point then? 5.5

11. Joshua Davis
While I didn't really mind the arrangement of the song, Joshua's vocals came off really tepid and weak. The band was overpowering his voice and there's not enough stage presence and charisma coming out from him to make up for his overall performance. This was a bit lackluster especially at this stage of the competition. 6

10. Meghan Linsey
Streamroller Blues
This was exhausting to watch. Technically, Meghan sounded really strong, but almost to a fault. She got soul and the grit to her voice sounded terrific on Streamroller Blues, but I was hoping for some dynamics as the loudness that was coming from her was verging on unpleasant. Yes, maybe the song allows a lot of screaming, but the bombast here was just too much. I don't know. 6

09. Kimberly Nichole
Free Fallin'
For a Kimberly Nichole performance, this was a little underwhelming -  maybe I just came to expect so much more from her. It started out pretty refreshing as it was a bit laidback with no grating notes here and there, and the build up was actually clever. That said, the melody just didn't go anywhere, it was boringly polished, and not my favorite performance by Kimberly. Not bad, but not the best. 7

08. Sawyer Fredericks
Shine On
Is it just me or does Sawyer wear the same outfit every single week? Haha. His version of the very obscure Shine On was heartfelt, emotional, and his vocals were actually pretty lovely. I was furiously attempting to enjoy this performance, but I'm somehow now a fan of the laid back quality of his performances. Again, this was beautiful, but not something I'd remember tomorrow. 7

07. Sawyer Fredericks
Take Me To The River
As Michael Slezak mildly put it, "PLEASE PROTECT SAWYER FROM THIS ARMY OF ARIANA GRANDES!!!!" Haha. To me, this was a strange yet refreshing change of pace for Sawyer. He looked weird at the beginning just standing there in the middle of the dancing girls, but he sounded good and his rhythm was actually spot on. Hands down, the most entertaining Sawyer performance to date. 7

06. Joshua Davis
In My Life
Other than the unnecessary humming that went nowhere, this was a stronger number for Josh than his performance of Desire. True, this still sounded a tad boring, but it was nevertheless quite lovely. Nothing special, but decent enough. 7

05. Koryn Hawthorne
Everybody Hurts
Koryn has a gorgeous and powerful set of pipes and it was front and center with Everybody Hurts. I thought the song was a good showcase for the sheer power of her vocals and also her ability to transcend her performance into something else. I would've liked it more if she didn't push her vocals at the top of her range, but that's just me nitpicking. 7.5

04. India Carney
Lay Me Down
India's version of Lay Me Down had a tempo that's faster that I'm used to, but she made it work. It sounded like she was rushing her phrasing at the beginning, but once she settled into it, her vocals just soared. Her vibrato, again, was controlled, her pitch was almost flawless, her tone worked well with the song, and the emotion was there. Not perfect, but I was fairly impressed. 8

03. India Carney
Vocally, this was possibly one of India's best performances to date. Her pitch was mostly on point, her vibrato was much more controlled, there were a couple of tasteful run placements, and she seemed really connected with the song choice. Solid showing from India. 8

02. Kimberly Nichole
Dirty Diana 
WHAT! Dear Kimberly Nichole, this was fantastic! The swagger was unreal, the vocals were impeccable, and the control was awesome. Sure, I could've used more vocal dynamics, but I somehow didn't mind. This performance looked like a star went on to perform on The Voice stage. It was that good. 8.5

01. Meghan Linsey
Amazing Grace
I could've gone with an entire acapella of the song, Meghan actually nailed Amazing Grace. The song choice, to begin with, was brilliant, her vocals were pristine, and not one overdone note in the whole number. This was, arguably, one of her best performances to date. 9

Joshua Davis (Team Adam)

  Kimberly Nichole (Team Christina)


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