Sunday, May 31, 2015

Movie Review: Tomorrowland

To say that I was disappointed with Tomorrowland was an understatement. No, I didn't think it was bad. The visual aesthetic, for instance, was superb, there's a spirited quality to the adventure that was quite admirable, and Britt Robertson was a relatable and engaging lead. Sadly, that's all there was to it. The plot was redundant and became largely predictable as the film progressed, there wasn't a good story to back up the visuals, and things got awkwardly preachy towards the end. Plus, George Clooney was arguably miscast and he had zero chemistry with Robertson. It's odd. I was expecting to, at least, be mildly entertained, but I felt indifferent and cold after watching Tomorrowland. Was it just me? 5


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