Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Voice 8: Top 5 Results Show

Well, I got it ALMOST right. I knew that the 2 more interesting contestants were in trouble, and it happened. They battled for the last Twitter Save and of course, one survived. Now, we're left with a pretty lame Finale contestants. There! I said it. There's always next season, I guess.

Results after the jump!

Sawyer Fredericks
Meghan Linsey
Joshua Davis


India Carney
Dark Side
I wanted to enjoy this, but she sounded too loud and shouty for the most part. Her pitch were on point, but there's not much dynamics to it. She started out loud and ended louder. I could've used a little more subtlety in parts. Just not the right song to save herself. 6.5

Koryn Hawthorne
If I Were A Boy
So much stronger than India. She hit a couple of clunkers in the beginning, but she recovered and gloriously. The texture of her voice sounded perfect on the song choice and her vocals just soared. Good job. 8

India Carney


Anonymous said...

No, India's performance was far better than Koryn's uneven and grouly take on Beyonce. This season has really been a dud, especially when we all know Sawyer's gonna win it all

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