Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Movie Review: Always Be My Maybe

In a sea of sloppily sentimental and terribly formulaic romantic comedy films, Always Be My Maybe was wonderfully simple. True, it still fell a bit in that familiar narrative arc that's usually present in most films under this genre, but for the most part, this effort was a breath of fresh air. The absence of any plot twist intricacies or major conflict with overbearing dramatics to conclude the story was refreshingly different, the storyline was clean and straightforward, and the writing was real and deliciously cheesy. The lead actors were also pretty fantastic. Gerald Anderson had an understated, but charming screen presence that's quite compelling and Arci Munoz was a hoot to watch. She was just downright hysterical and appealingly relaxed. Always Be My Maybe was simply a delightful film. It not only met every expectation, but exceeded it. 8.5


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