Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Voice 10: Blind Auditions Part 3

I said this before and I will say it again, The Voice Season 10 is starting to look like a fantastic season. We're only three (3) blind audition episodes in and I can already see a number of people who could win the show and I have NEVER felt anything like that since Season 8. One theory: Spring Cycle has mostly been a better season than the Fall Cycle. Anyway, I should stop babbling.

On with the show!

Hannah Huston
Not sure why Unaware has been covered a lot this year - both American Idol and The Voice - but I guess, it's the ability to showcase both range and dynamics given how tough the song is to sing. Hannah, to me, was no different. Her vibrato was spot on and how her vocals soared sounded really great. 8

Brian Nihira
Decent and that's all there was to it. 6

Brittany Kennell
Strong Enough
While I'm not particularly fond of her odd tone and affectations, I can't deny the fact that she can really sing. Song choice will be Brittany's key to her success in this competition. 6.5

Natalie Yacovazzi
Mr. Know It All
This performance lacked dynamics. Sure, she has the vocal horsepower to deliver this Kelly Clarkson tune with great power, but there was just no finesse and a lot of loud sound from her voice. 6.5

Malik Heard
There's a thinness to his voice that may be a tad polarizing, but his runs were precise, his grasp on pitch was pretty good, and he seemed fairly comfortable on stage. With him being on Christina's team though, which is insanely strong, I wonder how he measures up with the rest. 7.5

Peyton Parker
Easy going performance complemented by her sweet voice, but that's about it. I mean, she didn't even veer away from the original version. 6

Kristen Marie
Mad World
Decidedly affected, but compelling nonetheless. Can she be versatile moving forward and not annoy me to no end? I'm not so sure. 6.5

Nate Butler
The Walk
Interesting song choice. I wasn't expecting much from him, but there's potential in him. His transitions were seamless, his falsetto was impressively strong, and his tone sounded good. It needed a good amount of dynamics though as I felt like the performance didn't go anywhere. 7

Ryan Quinn
Can't Find My Way Home
AWESOME! It started off good with his fantastic tone front and center, and then things exploded in the middle section and I was hooked. His range was terrific and that was highlighted to great effects with this performance. I'm certainly keeping my eyes on this guy. 9


Anonymous said...

Every season wherein Christina has been on was particularly spectacular - Season 5 and 8. It has been proven a fact haha!

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