Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Voice 10: Blind Auditions Part 2

I must say, Season 10 is actually turning out to be a good season. I don't know. The talent this year, though nothing groundbreaking, offers a lot more in this cycle and Christina's team is turning out to be the one to beat. Can she actually win this show? You know, since it's all about the coaches! Haha.

On with the show!

Joe Vivona
Dreaming With A Broken Heart
Vocally, he's not the best - his voice sounded a little strained when he pushed it further to the edge of his range - but the almost scratchy quality of his tone sounded fantastic. I'm interested to hear more from this guy. 7.5

Shalyah Fearing
What Is Love
She's a bit rough around the edges, but the potential is there. Her pitch was mostly consistent, her vocals had power and grit, and there's passion to her delivery. If she'd be given the right songs, Shalyah could potentially be a terrific dark horse this season. 7.5

Adam Wakefield
Tennessee Whiskey
Not going to lie, I'm not really into his genre, but his vocals was solid if a bit generic. He actually sounded a lot like Craig Wayne Boyd. Was it just me? 6

Caroline Burns
So Far Away
Yes, she looked and sounded REALLY young, but her tone was interestingly gorgeous and pretty. I'm hoping that there's something more to her than a lovely voice. 6.5

Emily Keener
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Unique solid tone, but I just can't with her godawful pitch. Not sure what these judges were standing up for after her performance. 4

Laith Al-Saadi
The Letter
There's nothing really to write home about Laith other than his insistent grit or rasp was annoyingly distracting. 5

Angie Keilhauer
I Hold On
Hands down, one of my favorite auditions in this episode. I thought her voice sounded really strong on this tune showcasing enough range in terms of her vocal ability. Not sure if she has enough charisma to eventually win the show, but I digress. 8

Kata Hay
Redneck Woman
I can sense it. Kata will annoy me to hell, but that's to come later into the season. For her blind audition, I thought she was really good. She was fierce, her vocals were on point, and she exuded confidence and great personality while performing. Again, she will annoy me eventually, but let's see. 8


Anonymous said...

I think Emily's song (goodbye yellow brick road) has all that 'weird' notes so it isn't actually pitchy

Unknown said...

Can you please post your reviews too for the part 3 and 4 blind auditions please �� Also the american idol top 6

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