Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Voice 10: Blind Auditions Part 1

We're already at the show's 10th season and yet, there's no breakout artist to come out of The Voice. Why? Because the last winner was not yet done experiencing the perks of winning the show and yet we're already looking for another one. Not going to lie, I love myself some good singing reality shows, but reviewing The Voice US is a tad exhausting with two cycles a year. Ugh.

That being said, the premiere episode was surprisingly good and I found a couple of good ones that I can root for in the next coming rounds. Oh, and I enjoyed Christina Aguilera in this episode. As for Blake and Adam, they need a break.

On with the show!

Paxton Ingram
Dancing On My Own
Yes, he was mostly in tune, but I can't help but compare his version with a more compelling rendition by Calum Scott from another show or even Jeffery Austin from last season. Plus, there's a thinness to his tone that's not too appealing for my taste. 5

Caity Peters
This was good. Her soulful tone sits well with the music, her pitch was pretty consistent, and there are emotions tucked in her voice, which is rare. I hope she has something more to offer as I'm keeping an eye on this one. 7.5

Nick Hagelin
Lost Stars
Look, he did hit a couple of wonky notes throughout the performance, but his interesting tone and somehow solid falsetto won me over. Lost Stars is NOT an easy song to sing and I thought he pulled it off quite nicely. 7.5

Mary Sarah
Where The Boys Are
Can't deny the fact that this was a strong vocal performance, but everything came off rather old-fashioned. Was it the song choice? I'm not sure, but I hope she proves to be a lot more versatile than that. 6.5

Mike Schiavo
Talking Body
I wasn't expecting anything fantastic from him, but this was awesome. The song choice was genius, the arrangement brilliantly highlighted the incredible rasp in his vocals, and he has a pretty good range. Very good. 8

Bryan Bautista
The Hills
It started off quite tepid, but the performance got better as it went on. His falsetto in the middle section sounded superb. Let's hope he'd be consistent in the next coming rounds. 7.5

Abby Celso
Should've Been Us
Yes, she has a pretty powerful vocal instrument, but I can't help but think that this Tori Kelly hit wasn't the right song for her voice. The verses sounded too low for her and when she hit the chorus, it wasn't as riveting as it should have. 6

John Gilman
Don't Be Cruel
Really? 4

Alisan Porter
Blue Bayou
Impressive. I'm not usually a fan of ringers, but Alisan proved to be a sensational one. Her song choice - though dated - gave her enough opportunity to showcase her great range and her seamless transitions to her head voice. This was a strong first impression. 8.5


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