Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Voice 10: Knockouts Part 2

Eh. Just when I thought The Voice was on a roll this season, this episode happened. Haha. Other than Adam Wakefield - and maybe Moushumi - this was such a bore. No, there was no trainwreck during the episode, but most of them were forgettable at best. What happened? This was like a 'so what?' type of episode. Ha.

On with the show!


Adam Wakefield
Bring It On Home To Me
To be perfectly honest, I didn't see Adam as a potential contender based on his previous performances - yes, he's a solid vocalist with fantastic soul - but he proved here that he's one showstopping performance away from giving the frontrunners a run for their money. Oh, and did I say he's a part of Team Blake? That alone is a good argument. 8.5

Peyton Parker
Traveling Soldier
She has a lovely clear tone, but there's no way she'll win against someone like Adam who gave an impassioned performance. This was fine, but nothing truly spectacular. Such a shame. 7

WINNER: Adam Wakefield



New Americana
This was a lot stronger than I expected. True, it didn't have the fireworks to create a lasting impression, but I can't deny the fact that her diction was terrific, her grasp on pitch was impressive, and her tone sounded exquisite. I don't think she's charismatic enough to last long enough in the competition, but we'll see. 8

Nick Hagelin
Lost Without U
To me, Nick has the charisma and appeal in spades, but with an arguably hit and miss vocals in most of his performances. This was no exception. He started out fine, but lost control over his voice when he started to shift away from the melody. If he had that in check, I'll probably choose him over Moushumi. Sadly, it wasn't the case. 7

WINNER: Moushumi



Maya Smith
No One
I was hoping Maya would slay this song - she's possibly one of my favorites this season - but her tone sounded too thin in parts that it was almost grating and she struggled controlling her pitch. The song just didn't fit her tone and it's unfortunate. 6.5

Tamar Davis
Lay Me Down
I admit, this was a lot better than Maya's performance, but her version was damn too loud. There's no finesse in her delivery and the dynamics were almost non existent. She's way too lucky that Maya sounded just as bad, but this wasn't too impressive as well. 7

WINNER: Tamar Davis


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