Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Voice 10: Top 12

What's happening? Prior to the Knockout Rounds, I've been constantly claiming that this season can actually rival the best of the series in terms of how deep that talent is. Sadly, things went downhill from there and I question myself if I should take back what I said.

No, this wasn't a terrible episode as there were a couple of good performances here and there, but somehow, I was left feeling empty and cold at the end of the show. I was looking for something that would make me question if I was worthy to witness that, but instead, I was just watching another set of talented people and nothing else.

Prove me wrong, The Voice!

On with the show!

12. Nick Hagelin
Mine Would Be You
This was unfortunate. Sure, Nick's vocals weren't awful by any means, but it just sounded way too weak, wobbly and thin for a song that's not that hard to sing and I didn't think he connected well with the material - if there's any it was just on a surface level. If only Ryan Quinn was still here.. 5

11. Daniel Passino
Human Nature
So cheesy. Look, Daniel's vocals were mostly fine for the most part - his falsetto though towards the end of the song sounded terrible - but I couldn't get past his cornball moves throughout the performance. This was just one big block of cheese and I'm lactose intolerance. 5

10. Paxton Ingram
Hands To Myself
Paxton tried so hard to impress, but this was still pretty mediocre. True, Hands To Myself was a lot better than the catastrophe that was How Deep Is Your Love, but that's not saying much. I thought that tepid arrangement added to his almost languid delivery and it just didn't work. He tried, but failed. 5

09. Mary Sarah
So Small
Carrie Underwood songs are hard to sing and while I appreciated her song selection and just the clear boldness of covering a big one, her cover failed in comparison. It felt like she was struggling with the upper range of the song and it ended up sounding a little strained than usual. Can she go back to singing old school country music? 6

08. Owen Danoff
7 Years
On paper, 7 Years should've worked brilliantly with Owen's natural understated delivery, but somehow, this came off a tad underwhelming. His vocals were, for the most part, tentative and I felt like he could've latched to that pure raw emotions of the song with a more stripped down arrangement. Missed opportunity. 6.5

07. Laith Al-Saadi
Born Under A Bad Sign
No, I didn't think Laith's performance was great - there was WAY too much grit and rasp in his voice that pulled me out of it - but I can't deny the fact that he managed to hit more notes than Nick Hagelin and Daniel Passino combined. Laith is a soulful singer with an edge, but I wonder if that's all there is to him. Is he a one-trick pony? 7

06. Bryan Bautista
Kiss From A Rose
While I didn't think Kiss From A Rose was the right choice for Bryan, he still had some great moments throughout his performance. Yes, the first half was delivered a little lazily, but he kicked it up a notch higher as soon as he reached the bridge. His performance came alive, his vocals just soared, and it all felt comfortable. It was good, but a little uneven. 7

05. Emily Keener
Lilac Wine
Lovely subdued performance. No, it wasn't perfect - she sounded sharp in parts and her phrasing was, arguably, odd - but there was something about this performance that came off quite magnetic and mesmerizing. Plus, her tone sounded sublime. 7.5

04. Shalyah Fearing
Up To The Mountain
This was not, by any means, a faultless vocal performance from Shalyah, but the commitment and passion she infused to her performance made up for all of her flaws. Her connection to the material was palpable - as if she was ready to bring us to church - and her vocal control was a lot better than her previous performance. She has the potential, I'm not sure if Adam can see that. 7.5

03. Hannah Huston
Something's Got A Hold On Me
This was a marked improvement from Hannah. I thought her vocals were wonderfully explosive and the soulful texture of her vocals were highlighted with this song choice. I would've liked to hear her sing something a lot more contemporary, but I'm not complaining with this one. 8

02. Adam Wakefield
If there's one person Alisan and Christina should look after, Adam Wakefield is that person. Not only was this performance perfectly relatable, he also sounded fantastic on this song and his grit and rasp was just enough to highlight moments of the song. Watch out, Alisan. 8.5

01. Alisan Porter
Stone Cold
Not going to lie, I winced at the idea of Alisan bludgeoning us with another belty song, but there was something about this performance that wasn't too in your face - or maybe I expected it to be a total screamfest and when she pulled back, it was a pleasant surprise? But yes, this was one of her most satisfying performances on the show and the effortlessness to show range and dynamics was quite admirable. Good job. 9

Nick Hagelin

Paxton Ingram


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