Thursday, April 7, 2016

American Idol 15: Final Thoughts and Prediction


This season just went by so fast that I had seriously NO TIME to take a breather. Not sure why the program decided to cut this season short - the low budget? the tanking ratings? - but I wasn't really ready for American Idol to end this early. A lot of these kids needed time to get comfortable on stage. Sonika Vaid, Tristan McIntosh, MacKenzie Bourg, Avalon Young, and Olivia Rox could've been ALL outstanding if given the same amount of time as say Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, or Jena Irene.

That's why it's no shock that the two "oldest" contestants went on to survive all the grueling weeks of American Idol. They were the most consistent throughout the season and boy did they give a superb final performance showdown.

As I've said in my last review of the series,
"Trent has been on fire for weeks now, while La'Porsha just continued her streak of consistently fantastic performances. They showed up tonight focused and ready to lay it all down. That's the finale we deserved and I think we got a really interesting fight on our hands."
It was neck to neck through out the night and that made this seriously hard to predict. To be perfectly honest, La'Porsha and Trent Finale reminds me so much of Crystal and Lee Finale back in Season 9 and to some extent Phillip and Jessica smackdown in Season 10. It's that ongoing debate about MOMENTUM and CONSISTENCY.

On American Idol though, more often than not, MOMENTUM trumps CONSISTENCY. We saw that with Phillip Phillips and Lee DeWyze when they started surging at the right time and eventually clinched the title from the most formidable vocalists of their respective seasons. That's not to say they were the wrong winners though. In the end, the winner of American Idol has always been the right winner. There's no way for the wrong person to win. That's what democracy is. One contestant got more votes than the other. We can have our favorites, but the right winner is always chosen.

So in this final season of American Idol, who will the public rally behind? The frontrunner who's been rock solid the entire season? Or the underdog who peaked at the right moment?

Again, my record on predicting the winner has been awful since Season 11 - besides the correct prediction of Nick Fradiani from last year - but I'll give it a try again. Yes, La'Porsha's body of work throughout the season was flawless, but Trent Harmon had the momentum and he has been glorious the past few weeks.

I will once again root for the "underdog" like what I did with with Jessica Sanchez, Jena Irene, Kree Harrison, and Nick Fradiani, and say that Trent Harmon is the last American Idol Winner.

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Anonymous said...

La'Porsha is actually younger than MacKenzie lol.
I think Trent's gonna win, he had a growth arc, much like Nick last season -- and people love those.

Anonymous said...

The problem is... the "voting" on this show has nothing to do with "democracy". It definitely doesn't always pick the "right" winner.

In most cases, the last several seasons has been decided by teenage girls voting on who they think is the cutest... not their vocal ability. That's the reason that so many guys have won over the last several seasons. That's the reason that 3 of the final 4 this season were mediocre (at best) guys, when this season started out with so many extremely talented female singers.

That being said, I'm so glad this show is over... for now. Don't be surprised if it comes back (sooner rather than later) in some format.

DAM said...

Anoynymous 11:18: But what you describe is exactly the premise of democracy. People get to choose who for them is the American Idol regardless of demographics. They were the one who voted so they get to say who wins. That's democracy!

I still think that all winners were the RIGHT winners. Whether they were the DESERVING winners will always be debatable.

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