Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Voice 10: Top 11

Eh. I'm not impressed.

You see, I've been holding off with my reservations, but I don't think this season will get anymore better and exciting than this. This is it and we'll have to wait for another season to get us all excited. Not to take anything away from the contestants though, but I don't think they are living up to their full potentials. I don't know. I'm just thoroughly underwhelmed.

On with the show!

11. Nick Hagelin
Your Body Is A Wonderland
This was a bit perplexing. There were moments where I thought he sounded good, but for the most part, his vocals was just awful. I don't know. He was struggling to reach most of his notes especially towards the end, his pitch was inconsistent, and that breakdown was odd. 4

10. Daniel Passino
Time After Time
I can't take the cheesiness of Daniel. Stop! 4

09. Shalyah Fearing
The Climb
Sigh. Shalyah has some real potential, but sadly, Adam's not the best coach for her. The song choices have been terrible since the live shows and there has been no focus on her vocal technique and ability to stay on pitch. The Climb, like most of her performances, was delivered with enough passion, but it lacked control and that's ruining her chances on this show. 5

08. Owen Danoff
Fire and Rain
This was pretty raw and emotional with some interesting vocal moments, but also bland and uneventful. I was more interested on what's for dinner than his actual performance. 5

07. Bryan Bautista
Just The Way You Are
The arrangement was atrocious, his stage presence bordered on trite, but I can't deny the fact that he sounded fine on this song. No, I don't think this helped him cement himself as a possible dark horse in the competition, but this was, at the very most, good enough to last another week. 5.5

06. Mary Sarah
Johnny and June
While there was nothing incredibly special with Mary's rendition of Johnny and June, I thought her voice sounded good on the song and her tone was crystal clear. She did hit a couple of wobbly notes during one of those repetitive chorus, but I digress. 6.5

05. Adam Wakefield
Was it just me or was Adam a little disconnected with the song? Sure, his vocals on Lights was impressively powerful and gritty, which should be enough to convince me of his connection to the material. But somehow, it was slightly lacking of something. No, it wasn't bad, but for his caliber, this was not one of his best performances. 7

04. Alisan Porter
Stay With Me Baby
Like Adam, Alison's version of Stay With Me Baby fell a little short of what we're used to. Vocally strong with fantastic dynamics, but her connection felt a bit shallow. Don't get me wrong, she sounded great, but I just didn't believe her. 7

03. Laith Al-Saadi
Make It Rain
I've never been a fan of Laith and the almost phlegm-y sound of his voice, but I thought the song choice made great use of that perfectly. The soulful tone was front and center and it was a good take on the song. It's not the best I've seen - see, Koryn Hawthorne - but good nonethless. 7.5 

02. Paxton Ingram
Break Every Chain
Who would've thought? I don't think he'll reach the Finale, but this was a solid performance. The vocals were flawless as I thought he sounded a bit strained in parts, but as soon as he let loose, his vocals soared, the emotions flowed, and I was almost transported to a church. I genuinely didn't expect him to pull off anything other than mediocre, but this was good. 8

01. Hannah Huston
I Can't Make You Love Me
I initially groaned at the song choice, but Hannah was brilliant enough to add some sense of dynamics to the song complemented by a raw emotions and terrific vocal choices. It was powerful without those big indulgent notes. Good job! 8.5

Nick Hagelin

Owen Danoff


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