Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Voice 10: Live Playoffs #TeamAdam

If #TeamPharrell was a total disaster, #TeamAdam was slightly better but still quite mediocre at best. I hope things will pick up after tonight and I'm hoping that song choices will improve from here on out. I saw them be great, they just need to be consistent. You can do it, The Voice!

On with the show!

06. Brian Nhira
I don’t even know what to say, but the word "dreadful" comes to mind, and it still doesn't even come close to what happened on that stage. Ironically, it actually felt like Alive was taken out behind a shed and strangled to death. This was bad. 2

05. Nate Butler
Sara Smile
Ok. Nate sounded decent - he actually hit more notes than all of Team Pharrell combined - but this was painfully boring that my brain started to think about dinner. Haha. And yes, that's all I'm going to say. I'm hungry. 5

04. Laith Al-Saadi
With A Little Help From My Friends
Good, but is it enough to make a lasting impression? I was never a fan of Laith and any of his previous performances, but I can't deny the fact that he sounded good, the gritty texture of his vocals complemented the song perfectly, and he actually looked comfortable while doing it. I still don't think he's capable of doing something else outside of this genre, but we'll see. 6.5

03. Caroline Burns
All I Want
Totally unexpected. Look, I hate Caroline with a passion as soon as Mike Schiavo got eliminated instead of her, but she proved to be the most improved finalist in this round. Her pitch was consistent, she was able to lift her vocals to add dimension to the performance, and she surprisingly looked incredibly calm. Not sure if she'd be able to survive this round though given that she was montaged during the Knockout rounds, but what do I know. 7

02. Shalyah Fearing
As predictable as the song choice was for Shalyah, I thought she did the best she could with the song. True, her vocal control went haywire as soon as she hit the chorus, but she still sounded strangely better than I expected. Shalyah, to me, is a youthful, marketable, and charismatic performer and I can sense good things for her. I just hope Adam will not screw her up. 7

01. Owen Danoff
This was quite lovely. Yes, there were no fireworks here and it was pretty much an understated performance, but he managed to make it sound interesting with his incredible phrasing and well placed crescendos. At this point, Owen has his own lane in the competition and that will be his biggest advantage and Adam's only hope of reaching the Finals. 7

Owen Danoff
Shalyah Fearing
Caroline Burns

Owen Danoff
Shalyah Fearing
Laith Al-Saadi


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