Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Voice 6: Battle Rounds Part 2

Ugh. What is happening? They used to give stand out battles, but for two episodes, I've seen duets that were either good or downright boring. The decisions made by the coaches were fine, but then again, I couldn't seem to get excited with any of them. They need to do something about the lackluster performances!

Let's get on with the Battle Rounds!

Clarissa Serna VS Jeremy Briggs
Cold As Ice
Pretty even, but both sounded unremarkable that I didn't really care who wins this battle. That said, I slightly prefer Jeremy's solid rock tone over Clarrisa's generic voice. It's such a shame though that Jeremy didn't get another chance because he's so much better than all the steals yesterday. 
Clarissa Serna
Delvin Choice VS Caleb Elder
The Man
That poor white boy. Did Adam just throw Caleb under the bus? This was a bad song choice for him, but fits perfectly for Delvin. Umm yeah, Delvin won this easily. No brainer.
Delvin Choice
Melissa Jimenez VS Brittnee Camelle
Give It To Me Right
They both sounded awesome! Although it veered towards the screechy territory a couple of time, Melissa showcased her great range and the sass in her delivery was pretty impressive. Brittnee held her own against Melissa and she has potential to be really good. This was pretty entertaining.
Melissa Jimenez
Brittnee Camelle (Team Adam)


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