Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Voice 6: Blind Auditions Part 6

And we're finally done with the Blind Auditions. Was it just me or was this year's Blind Audition dragged a bit compared to previous seasons? I don't know what it was because I seriously enjoyed the coaches this time around, but it somehow seemed like forever. This episode, in particular, was pretty lackluster. I hope they can turn up a good Battle Rounds or this season will be a total snoozefest.

On with the show!

Kaleigh Glaton
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
There's an affected sound to her tone that I'm not particularly fond of, but the vocal choices she made with the melody were pretty interesting. Not sure if she's worthy of that 4-chair turn though. 7

Brittnee Camelle
Eh. While she has a nice tone, she obviously struggled with her pitch at the beginning and when she hit the chorus. Plus, the high note she attempted was a bit weak. 6.5

Lindsay Bruce
Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Diction, Lindsay! Most of the words were too muddled, I seriously didn't understand what she was saying. There's no denying that she can sing, but she needs to work on a lot of things. 6

Caleb Elder
Groove Me
Caleb is a very charismatic performer. His vocals were perfect, but his tone sounded fantastic with enough grit to stand out, and his falsetto was quite lovely. Oh, and there's humor to his presence that should bode well with the viewers. At the very least, he's memorable. 7.5


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