Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Voice 6: Blind Auditions Part 3

Was it so wrong that I enjoyed this episode mostly because of the coaches' banters and not so much the contestants? Look, some singers were good, but collectively, the hopefuls were a bit lackluster. Again, the coaches overshadowed everything else as they completely stole the episode with their outstanding chemistry. So yes, it's a double edge sword no?

On with the show!

Ryan Whyte Maloney
There's no denying that Ryan is talented. He has a strong vocal chops, his pitch is almost flawless, and there's something about his voice that seems dependable - if you know what I mean. That said, his aura screams fodder for some reason. Prove me wrong. 6.5

Deshawn Washington
Twistin' The Night Away
Passable, almost mediocre to some extent. He will not stand out with something like this. 5

Sam Behymer
Eh. In parts, I'm loving her tone, but there's too much affectations to her singing that was annoyingly distracting. She needs to control her voice more if she wants to even be considered as a darkhorse. 4.5

Brothers Walker
Keep Me In Mind
Very nice. I wasn't expecting much from this duo, but the way their voices blended together was pretty impressive. Plus, they have so much personality and charisma. Can they be a more interesting version of The Swon Brothers? Let's see. 7

Clarissa Serna
Solid. Clarissa has a great tone, impeccable control, and a fantastic range. The liberties she took with the song were also pretty good to differentiate her version with the original. 8

Melissa Jimenez
If I Ain't Got You
Just like everybody else, Melissa also has a good singing voice with an interesting tone, but she came off as trying way too hard to impress rather than feel the actual meaning of the song. I didn't buy this. 6

Patrick Thomson
Can't You See
There's a natural grit to his voice that's very appealing. I'm not sure if he has enough star power to pull through the next few rounds, but we'll see. 6.5

Sisaundra Lewis
Ain't No Way
Fantastic. I'm usually not a fan of older contestants joining the show as I don't think they're still marketable post-The Voice, but I didn't mind Sisaundra. She has enough power in her voice that made me disregard that. Good job. 8


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