Thursday, May 22, 2014

American Idol 13: Finale!

That’s a wrap! We’ve concluded another season of American Idol! It’s time to pass the torch from the soaring voice of Candice Glover to the other power vocalist that is Caleb Johnson.

Jena Irene? You had an outstanding and impressive run! I was hoping for you to pull an upset, but I guess, the demo was just too strong for you to overcome. Pick your chin up and get into the recording studio. Your story was a fun one to root for, and you've managed to create moments on a season when it's almost lacking.

But Caleb?

He auditioned three times, and like Candice last season, never gave up. I'm not entirely a fan, but I can't deny that he's probably one of the most consistent power vocalists on this show. So yes, there's really nothing to complain other than his potential to be a successful winner and someone who carries the brand moving forward.

But I digress. After all, how many Finale’s actually have the two best vocalists compete against one another? It’s a rarity. However, except for last season, I’ve had a problem with how easy it’s been for a lot of the male winners since Season 7 to practically scoot by while better vocalists practically begged for votes.

Anyway, I'll get back with my comments later on!


Anonymous said...

Jena should've sung her original song as her "SONG" not the producers'.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Jena's "Unbreakable Me" could be a phenomenal single. She could have stolen the crown. Anyway, Caleb "Mr. Karaoke" Johnson deserves to win this relatively lackluster season.

Anonymous said...

Yes just hope Idol could make up for the lost momentum they've somehow wasted next year.

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