Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Voice 6: Top 5

All of a sudden, we're down to five. The bloodbath that happened last week was a bit of a letdown - were they in a hurry to finish the season? - but I digress. We're left with five people, and some of them delivered pretty strong performances. To be honest, I'm not sure how to trim them down to the Final 3 as I think they've had their respective moments throughout the season.

Let's get down to business, shall we?

10. Christina Grimmie
Some Nights.
Grating. Shrill. Annoying. She kept on reaching those high notes and it made my head hurt! I'm not kidding. 4

09. Jake Worthington
Good Ol' Boys
This was as uptempo as Jake could get, no? Don't get me wrong, he sounded fine vocally, but this was painfully boring that my brain started to think about dinner. Haha. I'm pretty sure this performance somehow helped him punch his ticket to the finals with the guitar and all. 5

08. Kat Perkins
Let It Go
I genuinely didn't hate Kat's version of Let It Go. Some may find this atrocious as she doesn't have the finesse in terms of vocals to pull off the song - a la Adele Dazeem - but she managed to hit her notes as precise as possible. I even thought the last half sounded pretty good. The only problem I had with this was that she looked disconnected with the material for some reason. 6.5

07. Kristen Merlin
Gunpowder and Lead
Eh. She sounded fine, but this song has been performed way better that this seemed a bit lightweight. Also, she picked this song and dedicated it to someone? Really? I don't know. I liked that she went uptempo this week, but there's just nothing special about her version. 6.5

06. Jake Worthington
Damn you, Blake! This was a genius song choice for Jake and while I wasn't particularly ecstatic with the selection, I figured America will eat this up. It's emotional, he controlled his pitch well, and he was just, well, charming. 7

05. Kristen Merlin
Foolish Games
I'm not jumping up and down with Kristen's Foolish Game as parts of it sounded shaky, but then again, I can't fault her for connecting really well with the song. Plus, her vocals during the verses and the last part of the song sounded sublime. Not exactly her best performance, but good enough. 7.5

04. Kat Perkins
I may get some flak for this, but I actually enjoyed this! I don't know. I really wanted this to stop, but at the same time, I wanted to hear more. Haha. It's perplexing to be honest. The key changes and transitions in this song were terrifyingly hard, and yet, Kat held her own with the song. Her vocals were spot on for the most part. Oh, and this had a certain charm that's quite riveting to watch. 8

03. Christina Grimmie
Hide and Seek
The beginning was FANTASTIC! I had apprehensions at first with the use of a harmonizer, but I thought it turned out pretty cool. In fact, I wish she had done the whole thing acapella as the performance fell apart as soon as she went belting those high notes. Her voice sounded too thin for my liking, and the way she transitions her voice sounded jarring. If not for the outstanding first half this would've ranked A LOT lower. 8

02. Josh Kaufman
All Of Me
I'm not exactly a fan of the arrangement - especially the strings section - but there's no denying that Josh actually killed this performance. His vocals were impeccable and his ability to switch in and out of his falsetto on a dime was impressive. Just beautiful. 9

01. Josh Kaufman
Love Runs Out
Wow. This was an incredible song choice for Josh to go uptempo. After Happy, I didn't think he'd be unable to deliver another strong melody with a driving beat, but he proved me wrong. Dead wrong. The grit in his voice sounded awesome, there's intensity in his delivery, and the liberties he took with the melody were really good. I'd say, he's a man with the voice of an angel that can rock. Ha! 9

Kristen Merlin
Kat Perkins


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