Friday, May 30, 2014

Movie Review: Maleficent

Let me start with the obvious: Angelina Jolie was born for the role of Maleficent! She was just outstanding to the point where I admire every flex of her facial muscle for sheer mastery of control, expression, and projection. No one could've play this role better than her. Visually, the film managed to balance a backdrop that was vibrant, lush and happy, but in parts ravaged and desolate creating a tense and foreboding atmosphere. The story lacked a bit of a punch though - despite the radically different take on this classic tale - and somehow seemed predictable. The climax was a bit problematic as it was too reminiscent of Frozen, and some cast were an absolute miscast. Maleficent didn't break any boundaries in film-making and there were certainly a few things to nitpick around here, but the film was exactly what it sets out to be - a well made blockbuster movie that is guaranteed to entertain. 7.5


Mark said...

Movie wasn't bad.
But I was hoping that it wasn't rated G.
I expected it to be really dark and evil, and not for kids. The type where the character will really define the word VILLAIN.
Angelina's costume and prosthetics were great and scary but "sayang", all were underused (because they made the movie for kids, I understand).

For adult audience, I give it a 5.5.
For kids, same as yours ;)

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