Friday, May 2, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 5 Results Show

American Idol has officially jump the shark. What was up with the "big twist"? While I did like the simple fact that the producers still care about the show - giving it some much needed shock - but it was a dumb one. Why would they ask the contestants to vote if they want someone eliminated or not? This is not Survivor where the competition is THAT cutthroat. It's funny though how the whole thing backfired on them when two people voted NO. Haha. 

Sam Woolf. Well, the "cat with nine lives" has finally been put to sleep. I’ve always enjoyed Sam's crystal clear tone and fantastic pitch and to this day I maintain the belief that Sam would have been a very marketable winner. We'll see if a label will pick him up and allow him to make a record. The kids fatal flaw was never truly gaining a much needed connection with all of his materials. Every week he showed America that you didn’t have to be the best week after week; you had to just be better than one person week after week. This strategy took him to fifth place, which is not a bad showing for someone with very little main stage experience. Kudos.

Jena Irene
Jessica Meuse
Caleb Johnson
Alex Preston

Sam Woolf

YES (No elimination) - 3
No (Eliminate somone) - 2
*Should be unanimous


Anonymous said...

I thought the producers knew that the votes would not be unanimous and they just want to have some buzz for the show. Oh well, Sam doesn't need to win to get a record contract. He may be the one from this season that will be a star eventually anyway. I can't wait for his debut album.

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