Thursday, January 22, 2015

American Idol 14: Minneapolis Auditions

Not sure what's the deal with American Idol recently but it's another uneven episode after an impressive one. It's as if Wednesdays are just an afterthought as they keep the good ones on the second airing of the week instead. Why? How can they be so inconsistent in times like this? They need to keep their audience, so it's smart to spread the talent than put most of them in one episode.

End of rant.

On with the show!

Shannon Berthiaume
House of the Rising Sun
True, Shannon has a very powerful set of pipes, but she just doesn't know how to use it. There's no dynamics whatsoever, there's no nuance, and it was just raw shouting. Can't deny the fact that she has potential, but she needs to seriously work on her craft. 5.5

Vanessa Andrea
Some Kind of Wonderful
She managed to come off confident without being annoying - and that's a tricky one to navigate. Vocally, she's pretty good with a good sense of rhythm and musicality. Plus, a classic country sound with an edge that can really do well in the competition. 7.5

Zach Johnson
Don't Close Your Eyes
Cannon fodder. Good on Harry for calling him out on his affected singing, but then again, he should've called out other people who's done it. 5

Aaron Bissell
Good, but forgettable. See, even American Idol forgot to post his video on YouTube. Ha. 6

Cindy Jo Scholer
She's clearly a good enough singer to move on to the next round - despite starting on a uncomfortable key - but there's something about her that seemed a bit staged. Was it the persona she created for the show? 5.5

Jacob Tolliver
Whole Lotta Shakin Going On
He's a better piano player than an actual vocalist, and yes, that's all I have to say about this audition. 5.5

Hannah Mrozak
Somethings Got A Hold On Me
Strong, but inexperienced. Everything just seemed disjointed especially her lack of connection to the material. Such a shame. 6.5

Mark Andrew
This once Voice contestant has a standout voice and that's mostly on his gritty tone and an emotional connection that's palpable. Yes, I didn't care much for him during his stint on the other show, but something about the intimate setting of this audition that made me listen to him more. 7.5


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