Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Voice 4: Blind Auditions Part 1

The Voice is back!! 3 Seasons. 3 Winners. Countless contestants. But where are the breakout stars? Haha.

As far as entertainment goes, The Voice killed American Idol just from this episode - mostly on the very charismatic panel.Yes, just from this first episode alone, I already enjoyed Usher and Shakira more than Christina and Cee Lo. The tone of their interactions and the chemistry between these mentors were fun and entertaining. A HUGE contrast from the American Idol who were detached from one another. Oh, and the thing this show has over American Idol was better songs. Why can't Idol have that? Aargh.

I cannot fully admire the show though when they put on a professional singer like Judith Hill. Yes, it's nice for them to give second chances, but why not call this show 'SECOND CHANCE' instead if most of them are already professional singers? These contestants may be awesome, but isn't it a bit unfair to the other contestants?

But I digress.

Anyway, let’s see how the contestants did in this episode,

The Morgan Twins
While I didn't find them interesting, The Morgan Twins' version of Fallin' was actually pretty nice. It had nice harmonies with solid individual voices. Plus, I think that they are probably one of the stronger duos that have been on the show. Not that bad. 6/10

Jess Kelner
Can't Help Falling In Love
Yes, she has a unique tone, but her singing was WAY too affected with odd phrasing and inflections. She needs to work on her diction and quit the accent, it's annoying. 4/10

Mark Andrew
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Not that I care much about that kind of thing - since I also love his voice - but Mark had zero stage presence. I know that this is The Voice, but you got to know how to perform. Oh, and why do I feel like he's a real cannon fodder? 5.5/10

Danielle Bradbery
Is this what Taylor Swift would sound like if she could actually sing? Haha. Sure, her pitch wasn't perfect, but this girl has a great commercial look with a pure tone that fits country music perfectly. It doesn't hurt that she's also pretty likeable. 7/10

It's strange to actually hear one of Justin Bieber's song performed live. Haha. Not so sure if there's something distinct about his voice, but he has a solid instrument and also got some swag to go with his voice. I think this kid has potential. 6.5/10

Christian Porter
Sexy And I Know It
You want to hear a better version of this song? Listen to James Arthur cover this song last year at The X Factor UK and you'd think Christian's version, which he apparently "borrowed" from another artist, was pretty lame. I didn't think this was sexy and there's a quality to his voice that didn't sit with me well. Oh, and the way he ended some of his phrases were odd. 6/10

Kris Thomas
Saving All My Love For You
He has a nice falsetto with good transitions, but when he tried to hit some of those high notes, it sounded a bit shrill. It was good for the most part though. 6/10

Judith Hill
What A Girl Wants
I think Judith is a complete artist with a good voice - she landed a gig with Michael Jackson for crying out loud - and she's obviously the best of the night, but I don't know, I didn't see anything special with her. She seemed a bit old fashioned for my taste, despite rearranging a Christina Aguilera song, which SHOULD make her sound fresh, but it didn't. Plus, I thought she struggled in some parts. Sue me. 7.5/10


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