Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Voice 8: The Knockouts Part 2

Can The Voice Season 8 be it's best season yet? I know. I know. We haven't entered the Live Rounds where most of these contestants usually falter, but at this stage of the game, I'm beginning to be a fan of probably eight people. That's VERY unusual. Haha.

On this episode, I liked a couple, but given that we just had three (3) knockout battles say a lot about this season. Anyway, on with the show!


Cody Wickline
Til My Last Day
Look, Cody has a good old school country sound, but that's about it. There's nothing about this performance that somehow showed how he can separate himself from the rest of the male country singers out there. 5

Corey Kent White
Live Like We're Dying
Solid. He may not have the best singing voice in the competition, but he has something that Cody doesn't have - undeniable charisma. His tone sounded gorgeous on the song complemented by some interesting phrasing choices, and palpable connection to the material. 8

WINNER: Corey Kent White



Blaze Johnson
You Found Me
He started out strong, but somehow lost his vocal control towards the end. Sadly, he was unable to recover after that. 4.5

Deanna Johnson
Listen To Your Heart
Beautiful tone! Her version of Listen To Your Heart was a little tentative with not much dynamics, but how she navigated her vocals with the song was pretty lovely. Plus, she's really gorgeous. 7

WINNER: Deanna Johnson



Hannah Kirby
Higher Love
She's a very polarizing performer, but I dig Hannah. Her awkward dancing made her a lot more endearing - at least to my eyes - and her vocals were seriously powerful without losing her pitch. That said, can America get behind her? I'm not so sure. 7.5

Caitlin Corporale
To some degree, Caitlin reminds me of Pia Toscano. She got some fantastic range, good grasp on her pitch, and a vocal strenght that's undeniable, but other than that, there's not much going on. I don't know. She may prove me wrong, but as of now, she's just a pretty girl with an amazing set of pipes. 7.5

WINNER: Caitline Corporale
STEAL: Hannah Kirby (Team Blake)


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