Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Voice 8: Top 12

That's right! Tonight just solidified my initial notion that we have a pretty impressive set of finalists this season. Not all of them performed at their peak, but the potential in this group is bursting at the seams - and no, I'm not exaggerating. I can pick at least seven (7) people who I don't have any problem winning the show and that's A LOT. I can see that we're in for a fantastic season.

On with the show!

12. Brian Johnson
If I Ever Lose My Faith
I would compare Brian to a wallpaper, but even a wallpaper has more personality than him and this performance. Look, he has a competent voice and I liked a couple of his previous performances, but If I Ever Lose My Faith was just uninteresting. I don't see how he'll be able to survive this week. 5

11. Deanna Johnson
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
I'm a huge fan of Deanna's unusual tone, but this was a strange song to sing on this show. It didn't match her tone, her pitch was wobbly for the most part, and although it got better towards the end, I didn't think she was able to salvage the whole performance. 5.5

10. Hannah Kirby
Edge of Seventeen
While this sounded like any of Hannah's other performances - loud notes with almost zero vocal dynamics - the song choice, Edge of Seventeen, actually made the difference. Somehow, the shouting was warranted and it made for an interesting performance. It was a little overwrought, but I digress. 6

9. Joshua Davis
In a crop full of powerful singers, Joshua's America was like a breath of fresh air. It was subtle, quiet, and controlled, but almost to a fault. The almost whispered delivery of the verses would've worked if it was anchored by a good build up towards the end. It didn't happen and the performance just went nowhere and sounded monotonous. 6

8. Corey Kent White
I love myself some Corey Kent White, but this was not his best performance. His pitch was uneven and his voice sounded strained in parts. That said, the texture of his tone worked really well with the song and somehow gave the performance a much needed dimension. It felt earnest and sincere. 6.5

7. Mia Z
Miss You
Fantastic vocalist with an impeccable range, but she slurred those words like a drunk woman. Maybe it was part of her appeal, but that pulled me out of her performance. I wish she had a different song as well as the whole thing sounded too sparse and repetitive. 7

6. India Carney
Take Me To Church
I had some serious doubts about the song choice at first, but her fast vibrato and deep tone was a perfect fit for the song. The verses sounded lovely and while the chorus was a little rough around the edges, I thought she delivered a pretty convincing vocal performance. 7

5. Sawyer Fredericks
Other than his failed attempt to reach his falsetto and the overdone song choice, this was possibly my favorite Sawyer performance to date. His vocals were good and his unique phrasing made Imagine not sound like another karaoke version of the song. He still did sound the same and monotonous in parts, but that I can forgive.. somehow. 7.5

4. Rob Taylor
I Put A Spell On You
After Earned It, I really didn't think Rob would be able to pull off another performance as strong as that, but I Put A Spell On You happened and it was just as good. His vocal choices were informed, his falsetto was solid as well as his lower register, and he put up a pretty entertaining performance. I'm hoping he had enough supporters to back him up. 7.5

3. Meghan Linsey
Girl Crush
So, she's finally back to country! Truth be told, I've never been a fan of Meghan, but this was a solid outing for her. She hits hard with those notes, her soulful sound was a good fit for the song, and her vocals soared especially towards the end. Plus, she looked completely connected with the material. 7.5

2. Koryn Hawthorne
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
She started the song fairly impressive and Koryn never looked back. This was terrific. She's got the right attitude for the song, her tone and grit suited the song well, and she shockingly worked the stage in a way I've never seen her do. Good job! 8

1. Kimberly Nichole
Hose Of The Rising Sun
I wasn't prepared for this. Holy cow. 9.5

Brian Johnson (Team Adam)
Deanna Johnson (Team Adam)

Brian Johnson (Team Adam)
Hannah Kirby (Team Blake)


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