Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Voice 8: The Knockouts Part 3

So MUCH talent this season! Looking at the Final 20 that will be up for the Live Playoffs, there's NO WAY The Voice Season 8 will end up with an awful Top 12 given the talent pool they have. Whoa. So far, I think Christina, Blake and Pharrell have strong teams and their success will depend on their song choices next week.

For now, on with the show!


Tonya Boyd Cannon
I Wish
There's no denying the sheer power of Tonya's voice, but somehow, her version of I Wish came off a little too lazy that it seemed like she wasn't even trying. It's not effortless, it's lazy. There's a difference. 5.5

Barry Minefield
What You Won't Do For Love
While this one sounded just as old-school as Tonya's performance, there's passion and commitment to Barry's rendition of the song. I thought his vocals were decent and he didn't miss one single note. He will not win the show, but between him and Tonya, I'd go for him. 6

WINNER: Tonya Boyd Cannon



Kelsie May
Tim McGraw
I remember her Blind Audition and I thought she'd have the same trajectory as Daniel Bradbery when she was on the show. Sadly, this was a hot mess. Her vocals were all over the place, the key was too low for her voice, and the whole thing was pretty much uneventful. Waste of time. 3.5

Brooke Adee
Electric Feel
Whoa. Not sure if I wasn't paying much attention, but I didn't know Brooke survived the Battle Rounds. Her Blind Audition was probably one of the more memorable ones this season, and this was just as strong. She looked a little stiff on stage - especially with the rhythm of the song - but her vocals were spot on. 7.5

WINNER: Brooke Adee



India Carney
Big White Room
Gorgeous. Sure, her vibrato in parts were a little distracting, but that's almost forgivable when she gave you a performance that's immensely compelling. Her intricate phrasing was sublime, her vocals were superb, and the way she connected with the words were just too impressive. I felt her and that's a big deal. 8.5

Joe Tolo
One Of Us
This was decent, but he's up against India. So, there's that. 6.5

WINNER: India Carney



Jacob Rummell
Life Of The Party
His pitch wasn't perfect - it wavered a couple of times - but there's something about Jacob that's easy to watch. He has a lot to work on in terms of his vocals, but he has an undying charisma that's innate. 6

Lowell Oakley
My Girl
I can't deny the fact that he did better than Jacob vocally, but I can't also shake the fact that Lowell has this annoying quirks that were, well, annoying. It didn't seem natural and his performance, therefore, came off a tad fake. 6

WINNER: Lowell Oakley



Rob Taylor
Love & Happiness
His energy was admirable, his vocal transitions were smooth, his voice sounded terrific especially his falsetto, and there's something genuine about his performance. Not sure if he's my cup of tea, but we'll see. 7

Treeva Gibson
Chasing Pavements
Tackling Adele was a tall order and while I give Treeva good points for trying, the execution was a tad uneven. Her pitch were inconsistent and she seemed nervous and unsure. She had some nice little moments, but not enough to beat Rob. 6

WINNER: Rob Taylor



Joshua Davis
Arms of a Woman
Where did he come from? I wasn't paying too much attention to him, but this was a pretty take on Amos Lee's Arms of a Woman. He crafted each note so carefully and beautifully and I loved his tone and commitment to the song. Very nice. 8

Lexi Davila
Anything Could Happen
This Ellie Goulding song is a hard song to sing - ask Fifth Harmony - and the effect wouldn't be the same without the backup singers, but Lexi handled it impeccably well. Yes, some of her transitions were a little suspect, but I didn't mind at all. This was solid. 7.5 

WINNER: Joshua Davis
STEAL: Lex Davila (Team Christina)


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