Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Voice 8: Top 8 Results Show

Wow. I actually nailed it. I was expecting the results to be frustrating, but I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I thought the two weakest vocalists went home - although I am a fan of one of them - and yes, we actually have a strong Top 6. Good job, America!

Results after the jump!

Joshua Davis
Sawyer Fredericks
Megan Linsey
Kimberly Nichole
Koryn Hawthorne


Hannah Kirby
Hail to the Queen Awkward! Ha. This was a typical Hannah performance. Unbridled vocals with some awkward movements and a lot of shouting. Quite frankly, I love the weirdness of Ms. Kirby, but she's too polarizing for this show. 5

Corey Kent White
Somebody Like You
This was ok. His vocals could've been a lot tighter especially his pitch and the energy notched a little higher, but it was a decent effort. It's a shame that once Corey got into the live shows, he got a little uneven with his performances. Where was the kid who sang Chicken Fried or I Want Crazy? 6

India Carney
Her vocals were mostly on top form. Her lower register needed work especially on that song, but when she belted her notes, her voice just soared. Plus, she seemed like she was into it. 7.5

Hannah Kirby
Corey Kent White

Oh, and India won over Corey by just 2 VOTES! Wow.


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