Sunday, October 11, 2015

Movie Review: Pan

While Pan wasn't entirely terrible, the film just fell resoundingly flat. I don't know. The visuals were awesomely attractive and used well to great effect, but the incredibly sleek presentation of the film was glaringly weighed down by some weak writing, thin plot, and slightly disjointed performances. Sure, Levi Miller was consistently good as the lead, but he cannot singlehandedly carry a film. Rooney Mara was fine and so was Garrett Hedlund, but Hugh Jackman was a clear miscast. The pacing was also quite problematic. I thought some of the slow moving scenes needed to be either truncated or edited to tighten up. Ultimately, Pan was pretty much okay, but never really reached any higher than that. It will delight it's targeted fanbase - the kids - but as for me, I enjoyed it for the vibrant visuals, but not really much more. 6


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