Monday, October 12, 2015

X Factor UK 12: The 6 Chair Challenge #Groups

I suppose this was just half of the groups, but they showed it anyway. So far, the groups managed to deliver some interesting performances. They weren't perfect, but I see two potential pop groups in the making here. Maybe another Little Mix or JLS?

Note: I will update this post next week. 

On with the show!

07. Decibellas
I agree with Cheryl, the girl in the middle should just ditch the rest of the group and audition next year as a solo. This just didn't work on so many levels. 3

06. Menn On Poinnt
The energy is there, but as for the singing, not so much. I honestly didn't understand most of the words. 4

05. Mon Amie
Baby One More Time
There was just too much going on with the vocals. It was fine, but that's about it. 6

04. Rumor Has It
Hold Back The River
The harmonies were solid, but there's a shrillness to the overall sound of their group that came off unpleasant. 6.5

03. 4th Power
Power? Check. Choreography? Check. Restraint? Zero. You see, I enjoyed the vocal horsepower of this group during their audition - despite the messy vocals - but the loudness in ALL of their performances are becoming too annoying.  I hope they change it up or I'll get tired of them real quick. 7

02. Alien
Hey Mama
Look, the vocals could've been a lot tighter, but there's something about this group that's incredibly compelling. There's an edge to their performances that makes you look twice and the rapping, for the most part, was solid. Not sure if I'd get tired of their antics, but for now, not yet. 7.5

01. The First Kings
Very entertaining! While the vocals weren't as consistent as I expected, I thought the performance had the makings of a potential popstar group. The choreography was neat, the staging was interesting, and the overall presentation was pretty good. If Cheryl taps deeper to this group's potential, I see big things for them. 8


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