Monday, October 5, 2015

X Factor Australia 7: Top 11

After being underwhelmed last week - maybe it were the song choices? - a couple of artists stepped up to the plate and delivered astonishing performances and possibly some of the best this season. Sure, there were a couple of train wrecks here and there, but for the most part, I was excited for the rest of the season. If they will be playing in the same level as this week, I'm confident that we're in for a good season.

On with the show!

11. In Stereo
My Life Would Suck Without You
What was that? As much as I hate to admit it, I was somehow digging them during the earlier rounds. Their harmonies were usually on point, but something happened when they stepped into the live shows. Their vocals were all over the place, the harmonies were non-existent, and it sounded like they were pushing their voices to the edge that it felt uncomfortable. 3

10. Jess & Matt
Ignition (Remix)
I had high hopes for them as I thought they'd flip the song into something quite unexpected, but the decision to stick to the tempo and deliver the song as it is was a total misstep. You see, Matt has a generic sounding voice that without Jess, he'd be totally forgettable and that's what happened here. It felt disjointed and strangely bland. 5

09. Michaela Baranov
Holding Out For A Hero
This was fine. Her awkwardness was both adorable and annoying. I don't know. Her performance just didn't look right. I mean, people were dancing around her and she was just standing at the middle of stage swaying like a grandmother lost in a mall. So strange. 5.5

08. Big T
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
He should be disqualified from the song choice alone. Haha. Again, his vocals weren't the issue - I thought he sounded good - but his presentation and delivery was too dated. Not my cup of tea. 5.5

07. Georgia Denton
Listen To Your Heart
Vocally, this was A LOT better than her performance last week, but I was still a bit underwhelmed. I don't know. Where was that vibrant girl I saw during the earlier rounds? This seemed too contrived for her. 5.5

06. Jimmy Davis
Black or White
His voice, in parts, got swallowed up by the loud band, but I thought he pulled it off quite nicely. I was just looking for a little more dynamics in terms of physical performance and vocals, but I digress. 6.5

05. The Fisher Boys
While it wasn't as explosive as their previous performance, this was still pretty solid. The little touches of choreography was neat, th arrangement was interesting, and the vocals were good. Yes, I would've liked to hear a little more their harmonies though as it sounded a little too soft and muddled. 6.5

04. Natalie Conway
Break Free
After the mess that was last week, I was ready to write her off, but this was quite a strong showing. Her vocals were a lot more controlled, her performance was spot on, and there's confidence to her that's very compelling. 7.5

03. Louise Adams
People Help The People
The verses sounded lovely and when she hit the chorus, the power she infused into her vocals gave this performance that much needed dynamics. Her tone was front and center, and it was awesome! 9

02. Mahalia Simpson
Just beautiful. This was exactly what I was hoping she did last week. The understated lovely vocals with some intricate phrasing. Seriously. I've heard so many versions of this song, but I felt like I was hearing it for the first time. The melodic choices she made with it was pretty spectacular. 9

01. Cyrus Villanueva
Wicked Game
GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS. Wow. Everything about this performance was flawless. The staging was brilliant, the arrangement worked perfectly to his advantage, his vocals were sublime, and those transitions and falsettos were impeccable. YES, SIR! 9.5

Georgia Denton
Jess and Matt


Anonymous said...

honestly i hate it when groups or even guys sing 'my life would suck without you' to this day I don't think i have ever heard a good cover of that song on any singing competition. Not to be sexiest or anything but that song can only be sung as a solo and someone with a pop/rock type of voice.

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